Amazon cabin filter that advertises MERV 13 and better airflow

Mar 20, 2008
There are many complaints about HEPA and some other cabin filters that are too restrictive, enough where you notice the reduction in airflow, weaker heat/AC, etc.

But this Femota brand cabin filter advertises MERV 13 and claims the perfect balance between filtration and air flux. It has carbon/charcoal.
In theory there could be no meaningful increase in static pressure if there is adequate filter media but without published specifications, it's hard to know for sure. Seems unlikely given the unknown brand and low price

I use Camfil air handler filters and they publish all performance specifications for their filters. You can see how there is a minimal increase in static pressure going from MERV8 to MERV11 as the filter media is larger. However, MERV11 and MERV13 have the same filter media area and there is an expected increase in static pressure. Eg for a 20x24x1 filter:
1. Aeropleat III (MERV8): 0.22 IWC @ 350 fpm, 6.5 sqft filter area
2. Aeropleat 11 (MERV11): 0.24 IWC @ 350 fpm, 8.1 sqft filter area
3. Aeropleat 13 (MERV13): 0.36 IWC @ 350 fpm, 8.1 sqft filter area