13' Ford Focus: 1 1/2 years and 31k mile review

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It's interesting that they downgraded the trunk hinges. I worked on an '04 Focus and remarked to myself how clever the hinges were inside where the trunk closes, in the drain channel I guess it's called, but completely out of the cargo area. The goose neck design screams "cost cutting".
Took the car into the dealer today after changing the oil and finding the leak was even worse than it was the last time. Should know something later this week.
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Have you looked at Focus ST, especially 2015 model? Isn't it time to get in to it? It has been too long since you bought a new car and we all miss the experience of you owning a new shiny car.

With the leak in the transmission and all the stuff that is going on with your current car, I think you are perfectly justified in dumping it and getting something better.

So, how about it my man? If the past experience is of any indication, you must be ready for a shiny read Focus ST!

You must be trying to earn yourself a spot on my ignore list. IF that is your goal, you are doing a pretty good job.

"And nothing of value was lost"
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