Am I the only one who can make a mess changing oil?

I've gotten better over the years. The type of car can make a difference too. With the truck it's super easy - no ramps. Just get under, drain it. Oil filter is a bit of PITA due to location but not that bad. I've made many messes in the past. Most of the time due to rushing.
I always make a mess doing Tacoma's...


The way the oil drain plug is setup it just splashes...

Also seem to miss my spot on the transfer cases on these trucks. Think I would get it right... but noo :ROFLMAO:

Reading every one else's experiences makes me feel better about the mistakes I have made, while changing oil, transmission fluid and such.

I used to own an Olds Alero with the 3.4 liter engine, which has the oil filter on an angle off the front of the engine. Oil always ran down the front of the engine, when removing the filter. And GM wisely designed this car with a crossmember right under the filter, so the oil would run onto the top of the crossmember. It was a real trick, trying to position the oil catch pan, so it would catch oil from the drain plug, and also oil running off the crossmember.

The first time I used an oil extractor, I was thinking how cool it would be, for all the oil to be contained in the extractor. Yea, right. I had oil flipping out of the end of the stiff tubes. I had oil dripping, when the plastic plug came out of the top of the extractor. Drips everywhere. Over time, I've learned, got the right fitting to attach the extractor tube, to my dip stick tube, and can now do an oil change with the extractor, almost drip free.

The Fumoto valve on my wife's Outback makes changing it's oil almost drip free, too. But I've had plenty of spills over the years, that testify of my learning experiences.