Air filter suggestion for 30k mile interval

Oct 4, 2016
Toronto, ON, CA
Car in question is a 2008 Nissan Altima S 2.5L with 140k on it. The maintenance schedule calls for a 30k/24mo interval. The current filter is a Fram Extra Guard with 25k/24mo on it. I checked it today, and while it doesn't look terrible, it's dirty to the point that I think it's due for replacement.

I've been using these same filters since I got the car, but this forum has got me wondering if there's a better choice. The Fram website says to change the Extra Guard every 12k. But as you see my interval is longer. Fram offers the Ultra Premium for this engine, which says it's good for 40k/48mo. I like the sound of that, but it's not sold here in Canada.

I'm also thinking about the OEM filter. I would hope that it's suitable for the interval. I've never had one in my hands, but from what I can tell from pictures online, two of the OEMs are MANN and Kitto.

I also could get a NAPA Gold locally, or a Baldwin, Denso, WIX, or MAHLE off Rockauto.

Any thoughts? Should I just stick with the Extra Guard that's been working?
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I would go with the overall condition of the air filter. Mileage and time really mean nothing. It may need replacing sooner or later than specified all depending on driving conditions. If it needs replacing, any of those you mentioned will work fine.
Any of those you mention would work fine. I change mine after the Spring pollen stops, usually in May. Remember the cabin air filter as well.
Still going by what my dad told me. Hold it up to the Sun. If it glows put it back. Which for my conditions is about 3 years. I belong to a few Nissan groups. TB and MAF related codes are fairly common. So I would stay away from rock catching oiled filters and stick with the Fram or some other basic filter.
Mileage isn't the determining factor in replacement, conditions are.

If you drive in cool damp environment and on main roads you can go much further than if you live in hot dry dusty area.
Mostly true, except that temperature isn't a major factor in itself.
Mostly true, except that temperature isn't a major factor in itself.
I lived in Seattle cool and damp, now I live in the high desert, hot and dry. Seattle no dust, now, lots of dust.

Yes temperature doesn't factor in all the time, but it tends to hold true.
Pull it and inspect it once a year. That will give a idea of how long you can run it plus you can check for rodents at the same time.
I normally check every time I change oil on my cars, so about every 4-6k miles. I was taught to drop the filter from knee height, and see how much dirt falls out. I also shine a light or look at the pleats through the sun.
K&N are not very highly regarded here on bitog.
Think that was associated with SiO2 content of posted UOA.
My AutoZone has mostly STP filters these days … just changed factory filter at 40k … STP Premium claims higher efficiency & capacity so went with that … The standard filter is too low for my liking (and other members)

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FYI, the Genuine Nissan filters are slightly oiled. None of the aftermarket filters are oiled.
Not sure if that is a factor in your decision process, but it is something to consider.
STP Premium is “coated” … don’t know with what … Orange dye I guess, LoL

Says oil here: