Air filter more critical than type of oil or anything?

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Jan 7, 2003
Colorado Springs
Just a very informal seat-of-the-pants review. But after serveral months of looking at this forum, it seems that the most variance in engine wear ( execpt for extreme oil mileage/time abuse) is the amount of silicon in the oil. Not the type of oil, oil filter or anything always shows increased wear with the most consistent results, i.e, if silcon is high wear is usually high or the silcon is just ignored due to being assumed either a new engine or gaskets. Since silcon is usually associated with air filtering problems, are we focusing on the wrong area and missing the oblivious? Please be gentle with the flames [Wink]
I agree. Breathing clean air is very important for engine longevity. I also see no point in using 'high air flow' air filters if it allows more dirt to enter. I use to play RC trucks with my son on the beach. These had tiny 0.15ci gas engines. Once the air filter pops off, after a few minutes the engine is wrecked.
You're probably right, many people blame the oil for bad UOAs, when in fact they should first be looking at a better air filter/fixing air leaks, and a better oil filter first.
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