AEG Cordless tools?

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Dec 31, 2007
Ypsilanti, MI
I have an AEG brand cordless drill/driver that I've used for more than 20 years. Its balance is fantastic! Far better than other brands owned by friends. I've been reading the current drill/driver threads and see no mention of this brand. I did an internet search and can't find any cordless tools by AEG either. I know when I received my drill that Milwaukee sold the identical tool (in Milwaukee red rather than AEG black) and I wonder if some other company has purchased this brand. Does anyone know?
AEG was a top shelf tool, they went out of business well over 10 years ago. The name is now owned by Techtronic Industries (i believe they also make some tools for Milwaukee now) and the tools are no where near the quality they once were. The Milwaukee cordless years ago could have been made by AEG.
Yeah, they were part of one of the biggest bankruptcies in history....Oh....wait...never mind. That was AIG. Actually my dad has an AEG cordless drill he bough from Eastwood. He just had new batteries outfitted from Batteries Plus for around $100 for two. All bearing construction. Good stuff.
As far as I know the AEG of 25 years ago became Panasonic today. There's a production-quality 2.4V AEG screwdriver I bought back in the day I still have. I used a Mikwaukee battery pack in it when the AEG wore out. The no-longer available Panasonic EY503B is very close in looks to the old AEG. The Milwaukee 6547-22, though red, is a dead ringer for the old AEG.
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