Added a new {scaly} family member to our household.

Apr 13, 2013
I was given a fish tank at my 13th birthday party, and ever since then I’ve had a love (and sometimes hate) for fish tanks. I’m now older and have a child of my own and I’d like for him to enjoy watching fish swim around a tank as I did, and still do.

Our baby is now 20 months old so I figured he may find a fish fascinating, and so far he seems to love it!

I took him to the pet store today and we picked out a red male double tail half moon betta. My wife named him “Stan”.

I did have a few bettas growing up in addition to my tank, but they were always housed in fish bowls that needed to be cleaned so very often.

There is just something about watching a fish swim around that is so calming to me. Hopefully this tank will be a good home for Stan for a few years.


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Gorgeous! I got a little tank for my sons last year and put a few Mickey Mouse platy’s in it. They love to watch them though now my 5 year old wants a bigger tank like my 60 gallon…. And I want a 125!
The females are also tiny, and have the body shape of a minnow. We had both male and female Bettas. They're very sweet and smart. Ours would always want attention and to play, and would eat out of our hand.