ADAC 2018 All-Season Tire Tire.... surprise winner

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Sep 26, 2014
Nexen lately has had some summer tyres that were surprisingly good. Most notably, they were really good in the wet (where most other cheap tyres become downright dangerous). Had them on a rental Golf a few years ago, they were absolutely ok. A good friend had a set of Nexen N8000 on his RX-8 and was quite impressed. Slightly soft turn-in, but excellent grip in the wet. Wore like pencil erasers, though. Which means that on a per-km-basis, they are not nearly as cheap as the purchase price might lead you to think. But for a second car, or for somebody who drives so little that tyres age out instead of wear out, that would be an acceptable trade-off. Unless other cheap far-eastern tyres, you do NOT risk your life with these.
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