Acura MTF part number different from Honda's

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Oct 8, 2012
Ontario, Canada
Preface this: I am referring to fluid obtained in Canada. Just out of curiosity, I was changing MTF fluid on our Acura in the household. I normally get them Honda dealership as I thought they'd be cheaper there. A recently opened Acura dealership near me had the cheapest price, so I got 2 bottles there. After changing the fluid, I was filling the bottles with the old fluid. I had a Honda bottle with leftover from last change. So I combined it with what I had in excess this time. I looked at the back label and noticed they have 2 different p/n and it doesn't just differ by A(Acura) or C(Canada). The Honda one has 08798-9031C which if you search online without the C, is just regular Honda MTF in the US. The Acura has 08798-9033C with not much info other than being mentioned in the 2009 TSX manual. However, when searching without the C, it comes up as Acura 5W20 Synblend oil crazy It was mentioned before that 08798-9031A is the Acura equivalent of Honda MTF, but now I am wondering where did this 08798-9033C pop up. Anything increment above 08798-9031 seems to point to motor oil, 5w20, 10w30, 0w20 and so on. Just an interesting observation I guess...
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Just an interesting observation I guess... are reinventing the wheel smile Its the same with Toyota/Lexus....or Hyundai/Kia...or.....fluids wink
Same stuff. For the most part the days of truly different car companies with different components and fluids existing under one umbrella are long gone, Cadillac being the last domestic hold out till a few years ago. Acura is a Honda branded car in every other county except in Canada and one or two others and Honda fluids, its a marketing brand nothing more and part of that marketing is to make people believe its somehow different or special including playing with part numbers.
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