AC system charging oopsie ... ?


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Feb 20, 2022
Interesting. Maybe I'll give it a try next time. Now that the "environment damaging R12" has been removed, should be good to go.


Jun 25, 2002
southwest Mo.
Check this forum out for some good info on Auto AC repair.

I found it back in 2006 when I was going to try and fix the AC system in the 92 Cavalier my fiancé was driving. Shop wanted around $1k to fix it which was a no go. She said she would buy all of the AC tools if I would fix it myself, so I went on this forum and asked a lot of questions as well as read a lot of stuff on it, bought a few books, and did the repair. It turned out good and lasted quite a few years before the replacement compressor developed a leak and leaked out the charge.

I did convert this car to R134a at the time because I hadn't yet got my 609 certificate so that I could buy R12. I believe I used 80% of the R12 capacity of R134. I did not use a different high pressure switch than was what already was on the car.

Since that time I have probably repaired around 15 vehicles. I ended up buying a refrigerant scale for the big tanks and buying several R134a tanks and one barely used 50lb R12 tank.

I still use R12 in the 92 Cavalier that I still drive and it gets ice cold. I did finally have to replace the lines going to the compressor because they got tweaked where they bolted to the compressor and wouldn't seal up.