95 Explorer Manual Trans Oil Recommendations

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Jan 8, 2006
I have a 1995 Ford Explorer 2WD with a manual transmission. I believe the transmission is actually made by Mazda. The vehicle has 100k miles and shifting is getting a little notchy/hesitant, even though the transmission has received regular oil changes and the clutch is quite new and in good condition.

The owner’s manual calls for "Mercon" or Ford part number "XT-2-QDX". I've had good luck in other vehicles going to aftermarket oils (specifically in Hondas, Honda MTL to Redline MTL) and am looking for a similar improvement in shift quality. I just can't believe there's not something better out there for manual transmission than ATF.

I have used Amsoil MTF which is a bit higher viscosity than ATF, but has the right friction characteristic for the syncros to work properly. It has the viscosity equivalent of a 5W-30 engine oil. In Alabama, this should work perfectly. I have switched a 98 Escort over to this fluid and it shifts perfectly year-round here in South Carolina, 40k miles later even. Which reminds me, I should probably change it sometime.
So the consensus is that manual transmission fluid will be just fine in this tranny that calls for ATF; assuming the viscosity is close?

If so, Redline MTL it is, since I already have a quart or two.
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