95 Corvette out of storage

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Feb 19, 2008
My sister is giving me her husbands 1995 Corvette that was in storage for 10 years. He passed away last year from cancer and she wants to keep the car in the family and driven. I have changed the coolant, rear diff fluid, auto trans fluid, belts, hoses, and new tires. The V8 has 60,000 original miles and it was well maintained until put away for a long time. My question is should I do any kind of engine flush? I plan to use a quality synthetic either Mobil 1, PP, Royal Purple? Should I just do a few short oil changs? Also what weight oil should I run? I can't seem to locate the owners manual. Thanks!
The factory fill in that car is Mobil 1 5w30 and most Corvette owners tend to stick with that, however LT4 Vette is correct, any quality 5w30 synthetic will do the job just fine. I agree that no flush will be necessary at that low mileage. What color is the car?
It's white with black interior. Any idea how many quarts of oil this V8 takes?
Check your manual for specs. Maybe buy an FSM also. I'd definitely do a few shorty intervals to get some cleaning done. I'd consider an HDEO like t5 10w-30, and then mo pvd to your long term selection after a change at 500, 2500 and 5000 miles. If you're not going to put the miles on fast enough, then I'd at least take it for a road trip with some cheap HDEO in the sump, ensure a good amount of time with the engine hot, and then swap it for the right oil of your choice. I'd probably do coolant twice as well, to ensure proper chemistry.
I don't agree about the no flush needed. An engine that has been sitting for TEN YEARS will definitely have junk and acids built up that need to be removed. If you don't care how the engine will run in a few years, by all mean, start it up with the old oil and go on a road trip. I'm sure "it will be fine" duh I'd dump the storage oil and replace with a flush oil of your choice. Start her up and idle for 20-30 minutes and then dump it. Replace oil and drive for 100 miles before dumping again. I guarantee you that nasty stuff will come out each time. Obviously flush the gas tank prior to any starting.
I was thinking about siphoning out all the fuel putting in 10 gal or so of 93 premium with a can of Seafoam? Good idea?
You should be able to take out the fuel pump relay and put a jumper wire in there, take off the fuel filter and pop a rubber hose over the fuel line and into a gas can to dispose of, then replace the fuel filter. I'd also do a good inspection on the rubber brake hoses and make sure calipers aren't sticking. Any 5w30 synthetic at 1 short interval would probably make that thing purr like a kitten.
I'm with LT4 Vette, no flush needed. Just drain after heating a bit and use a good quality synthetic like Mobil 1. The High Mileage varient will clean just fine...
Whatever you use keep a constant watch on fluid levels. 10 years sitting is not kind to seals. Wouldnt want to trash something because you ran it dry. Fun car. I had a '96 although it was a LT4 MN6 instead of the LT1 A4.
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