5W20 Oil in Zetec 2.0L

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Feb 1, 2003
Temple Terrace, FL
i read on flatratetech.com that ford's TSB 02-1-9 recommends NOT using 5W20 oil in the Focus Zetec 2.0L engine. if true, this is totally contradictory to the owner's manual and what ford service dept puts in at a change. i can't find a way to access the text of TSBs on the net. does someone here know how to check this out and see what's the deal? i'd like to know before i ruin my engine. any help is appreciated... thanks
that kind of goes against everything Ford has been promoting, if it works in the Mustang it should be good enough for the zetec. You would think the dealer would be on top of something like that if it was correct/true. Why not check with your dealer to be sure. I don't know how to access TSB's from auto companies, maybe someone else on here does.
thanks everybody... i found the TSB and 5W30 was only recommended for the high performance zetec (SVT)... thnaks again for the quick responses
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