3PMSF Tire Michelin Crossclimate or Goodyear Weatherready?


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May 28, 2019
So what do you think of the WRdy after driving on them for one winter season? '21-'22 was my first winter on the WRdy on my 2020 Fusion and I am very impressed (compared to the Michelin Enegery Saver A/S which were absolutely abysmal in the snow '20-'21 winter). They handled quite well in the lake effect snowfall of the West Michigan region. My only minor complaint would be they need additional traction on takeoff. Other than that I think they are exceptional.

I'd like to hear what you think of them.
Hi -

well I put them on a brand new RAV4 two days after I drove it off the lot so I don't have any comparison of other tires on the the vehicle.

This being said the tires seemed to preform well I never l slid or lost control.

Since it was a new vehicle to me I took it easier driving wise and drove on the conservative side as I was getting use to the new vehicle.

I would get them again.