22 G63 AMG already burned 1qt of oil on first 1000 miles?

im at about 1000 miles on the clock
I'd be hammering it pretty good at this point. Might help finish the break-in. I start driving my new stuff pretty hard after about 500 miles, and they all have turned out to be no or very low oil users.
Those motors are allegedly hand-built and probably $35k, yet they don't design it with a dipstick?
Somehow that is luxury. Lots of upscale makes do it in spite of it being despised by many buyers.

If you want to put a fancy oil level monitor on the car fine, but don’t delete the dipstick.

You can read for hours on the amount of confusion and issues this has caused on Alfas alone. Dumb.
You see the episode of Top Gear America where Tanner was trying to escape the Army training town? Drive it like that.

I guess if it keeps burning oil you can send it to Brabus for umm upgrades...
Some posters think this is normal? 1 quart in 1000 miles?? I don't. None of my VW did this so the German car excuse doesn't sound right to me. But hey, i could be wrong and someone will correct me on MB AMG consumption.
However, it is early and you didn't check it when bought so there's lots of conjecture. I'd wait to see if the car signals "low" again after the next ~1000 miles now that you've made it level before consulting the dealership.
It isn't normal. The normal level of oil consumption for a brand new vehicle is ZERO. I feel sorry for rich people buying these pieces of crap.
It isn't normal. The normal level of oil consumption for a brand new vehicle is ZERO. I feel sorry for rich people buying these pieces of crap.
Are you feeling sorry for yourself, here?

Late model SPA Volvos are known for burning lots of oil.

You must be rich, given the price on those…

How much oil is your Volvo using? Was it filled properly from the factory?
Well, that escalated quickly…

It’s somewhat expected to potentially burn oil in the fist 1000 miles, or actually more accurately the first few hundred with rapid decrease to 1000 or so.

Burning oil in break-in isn’t an indicator of continued high oil usage.

In all seriousness were I the op I’d either take it by the dealer and make them add it or buy a quart/liter and add it myself keeping the receipt.
Try doing cycles of compression braking, example, take it to 30 - 40 mph in 3rd gear - thinking 3000 rpm or so - hold it in 3rd and foot off the gas and coast down, shift to 2nd to maintain rpms at 3000 or so. Do that when you're coming to a stop the next few drives, use engine compression braking to slow down. Nothing over 4000 rpm.
My 2 cents on an expensive ride.
Nothing over 4000 rpm.
With 1000 miles on it at this point, I'd be going to at least 80% of redline with some decent throttle opening (not feathering the throttle) and then letting it cost down with compression braking.
hey yall, had my 22 g63 for just a month or so now. I picked it up from a dealer that was 200 miles away so the first 50 miles ish on it was probably city driven, and then after that even tho not recommended (some say constant speed highway driving bad for break in) was sadly highway driven home.
i went on another road trip with it once again and the past 200-300 miles on it had been mostly city and i started going harder on it.

im at about 1000 miles on the clock and i believe now it should be broken in, but today i got a message about "low oil add 1 qt"
i waited a few hrs before adding any oil since it was only 1qt low ( out of a 9qt sump or whatever) just incase the sensor was buggy, and then added in half a quart and now am between min and maximum

i never checked the oil when i first got it, so maybe it was low from factory but i bet it is more likely that it burned qt

however this has never happened to me on a brand new vehicle, anyone else have this with an engine like this? or could this be a consequence of a bad break in due to the highway driving? if so, any way to resurrect my engine?

Some high performance engines can burn a little oil and this V8 is no exception. You passed the break-in period on the trip home when you bought the vehicle. Just keep driving and monitor.

IIRC the 1L/1k miles is considered excessive per the German makes.
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It isn't normal. The normal level of oil consumption for a brand new vehicle is ZERO. I feel sorry for rich people buying these pieces of crap.
I'd say that its completely normal for a brand new vehicle, especially a high performance one to burn some oil, now a properly broken in one....maybe but I'm being picky. My Range Rover has consumed ~1qt, every 2k miles for all of her 40K miles....I monitor, top up and enjoy the vehicle.

Then again, w/ the Brit stuff in my fleet I'd take 'Mr. Exxon Valdez' as a bit of a compliment!😄
Of the engines you own which make over 140 hp/liter how many burn oil?
If it burns oil now, its gonna burn oil. Furthermore, if it burns oil, (especially at 1 QUART per 1k miles) it is defective. There are no special "break in" procedure that would have helped this or hurt this. Take it to the dealer and demand a fix. Tell them your friends are making fun of you calling you "Ms. Exxon Valdez". If they refuse to do anything about it, drive it through their showroom window and leave it there. You're rich AF. Seriously just do that.
If it burns oil now, its gonna burn oil.
With only 1000 miles on it, can't really make that conclusion. Some engines take more than 1000 miles to fully break-in, and some OMs even mention that oil consumption may not decrease until much more mileage is on the engine. I'd start driving it pretty hard at this point.
We don’t know where the level started.

We don’t know if the “add” is accurate (mine can be off).

So, we don’t know what the true consumption looks like.
The add mark on most Mercedes is 2 qts low. I also believe MB says 1 qt in 800 miles is normal. I've never heard of one using that much.
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