2021 Ford Edge AWD TU Drain and Fill

Feb 26, 2011
N. Georgia Mtns
We have a 2021 Ford Edge SEL AWD. I'll be under it in a couple hundred miles to do an oil change and thought I might as well do a PTU drain and fill while I've got access to it. My question is what weight gear oil goes back in? I look up my vehicle on the Amsoil website and it shows 75W-90, but also shows 75W-140. A few Google searches show 75W-90. A search on Advance Auto's website with our car's info shows 75W-90. Every Youtube video I can find closest to our 2021, a 2020 model year, shows replacing the oil with 75W-140. Can someone please help me determine which weight oil is right, or whether it matters, so I can have it on hand before my oil change? Has the 2021 model year PTU changed from the 2020 model year PTU along with the recommended fluid? Appreciate in advance any help you can provide.
I have a 2018 Edge SEL AWD with the 3.5 liter engine. I was going to do the job myself but it is awkward to get at the PTU with the car just up on ramps. Might be a lot easier on a rack though. So took it to the local Ford shop and they did it for me. They used Motorcraft 75W-140 synthetic. A bit pricey but the PTUs are subjected to lots of heat and don't contain much fluid. They can go bad w/o proper maintenance. I'd recommend you get some factory fill lube at your Ford dealer for peace of mind.

I looked. Couldn't find any info on the type of fluid for the PTU.

Is this the fluid that your techs would request for this service?

Appreciate the help.
Usually they ask us what the proper fluid is and we look it up in the workshop manual. We hardly ever service PTUs. I think the 2 or 3 times I have had them change the fluid in the PTU on my mom's Fusion are the only times we have done it outside of replacing one.
Edge seems to need a 75w85 GL5?

Most any other axle oil (++ heavy duty gear oil) meeting this spec should be fine, such as Pennzoil Axle 80w90. https://shell-livedocs.com/data/published/en-US/b4051194-33a1-45fb-97b8-1db22e005e14.pdf

MIL-L 2105 D is also an interesting spec to check out, together with 75w85 or close to it GL5.