2020 Ram 1500 Big Horn Edition: 10,000 mile review


I have my 2019 Ram NBS that has had its share of recalls, many for things I didn’t have a problem with but was still something they had to fix. I like my Big Horn; it’s not Ram’s fanciest trim, but it’s loaded enough to be my choice when I have a long distance drive.

I also have a 2015 Ram 1500 Hemi that’s my truck replacement when the 2019 goes back on the lease end. I originally planned to upgrade the 2019 at lease end with a new Ram, but this 2015 came up for sale so cheap that I grabbed it instead. What I like about the Ram truck is, upgrading with factory parts is easy. I can swap in a higher line option and activate it either at the dealer or, in many cases, it’s plug n play. I’ve already replaced wheels and tires (of course that’s easy on any truck) with blacked out aluminum wheels, LED taillights, Bluetooth radio upgrade, and steering wheel audio controls. I plan to swap the instrument cluster to the higher level option next.

I like mine because they work well, and I don’t have the major issues others hear “from a best friend’s brother’s co-worker who knew a guy once that overheard a girl telling her friend about seeing a Chrysler break down once”. 😂😉😉
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I love the DTs Michael I’m glad yours has been reasonable to yourself. It is a great family vehicle due to the back seat size like you noted. If you can get past the physical size of the vehicle for parking its an easy choice

I would say it’s likely on par with the other 2 “American” car company trucks.

the ridgeline the best thing I liked about it and it’s silly was the trunk like area in the bed, and the way it drove it drove similar to there other stuff like pilot passport MDX. The downside was the small rear door opening that would be a pain for putting kids in seats for 3-4 years each day compared to the ram

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We are at roughly 40,000Km, I was gonna hold off until we hit 50,000 to do a review but if you'd like me to post some pics and make a thread similar to this one I can.
Seems like most feedback in this thread is also positive:

Definitely a number of rear window crack complaints though.
I'm coming up on 1 year and 7000 miles on my 2020 RAM Bighorn 5.7 4wd. I did have a bad oil pressure sensor (intermittent) in the 1st week of use, but that is it.