2019 Subaru Ascent - Castrol Synthetic 0W-20 - 3,409 Mi OCI

Dec 27, 2006
Have a look on subaruoutback.org and there is a uoa sticky in the oil forum there. And for uoa's on the older FA20DIT, do a search on nasioc.com and subaruforester.org. Different engine, but similar uoa results.

Running BMW spec oil at 10,000 miles is not the same as running 0W-20 in a turbocharged Subaru.
I completely agree. One is a BMW and the other is a Subaru. Both were turbocharged. If a standard OCI in a BMW causes a Subaru motor to self destruct, I'm shocked and a little afraid. I have an 2020 Outback limited XT. And again, I would want to see the metal flakes, just to be sure the service person at the dealer wasn't on some hallucinogenic substance, let's say money.