2017 GMC Terrain P0014 code

Apr 13, 2013
My mom sent me a text today asking me to read the codes on her 2017 GMC Terrain 2.4 as the CEL came on three days ago. Upon checking it has one stored code. P0014. I googled it and it comes up with “B camshaft position timing over advanced or system performance bank 1”.

About a year ago it had a stalling issue which EVENTUALLY led to a CEL and dealer diagnosis of a bad cam sensor. Replacing that solved the stalling issue and the CEL. But I never saw what the code was.

So, does anyone have more experience with these 2.4’s in relation to this P0014 code? I’m hoping it’s just another cam solenoid and not a “stretched” chain / tensioner.

My parents purchased it right at 50k miles and I’ve done religious oil changes on it with the appropriate 5w30 Dexos oil and OEM filter every 3-5K miles with the majority being closer to 3k intervals. Currently it is right at 90,000 miles.

Engine sounds normal upon start up / idle. No rattling sounds or trouble starting. What do you all think?
If there's no noise/rattle on a cold start or while idling, I would bet that it's the VVT Solenoid on the exhaust side. They probably had a P0011 the first time and replaced the solenoid on the intake side, now, I'm betting the exhaust side has failed.
You said they diagnosed it as a "cam sensor" in your post, but I assume that you meant the VVT solenoid since you mentioned stalling and mentioned cam solenoid later in your post. These solenoids are known to be garbage parts that fail, even with great maintenance. I replaced both in a friend's Equinox that has a 2.4l when he went through the same scenario, it is well maintained, and had no start-up rattle or any other strange noises while running. He had a P0011 only, but he wanted to replace both as I told him about the number of those things that I have to replace. We bought his parts at the Chevy dealer and avoided aftermarket, particularly DORMAN, now, more than two years later and it's still doing fine with no CELs popping up.
I have replaced a ton of them on Terrain's and Equinox's with that 2.4l down at the car lot and we've had a few units that had to have the timing chain job done, but that was very obvious when we started them up. I had to drive one of those back from Tulsa that had bad VVT solenoids and when I ran into bumper-to-bumper traffic due to construction on I-40, it kept stalling on me when I would roll to a stop. I was so happy when that drive back to the lot was over.
Anyway, with all of that said, my money is on the VVT solenoid given the info and not being there. Best of luck to you!;)🍻
It was in fact a VVT solenoid. Again the dealer tried to charge my mom even though the vehicle is CPO and has powertrain coverage. That’s in addition to all the other “services” they recommended totaling over $600. We got that situated quickly though. Car is good to go again. Will continue 3 month / 3000 mile OCI’s with 5w30 dexos.