2016 Mini Countryman S All4 - 5W-40 Hot Climate?

While ambient temps can/do play into oil temps its not a major source of concern here or a reason/enough of an impact to run a thicker/higher grade oil (40 over 30). You're welcome.
Here's the impact of ambient temps on oil temps in my Sportwagen for highway cruising where temps in this car are highest. All 5W40s.
is LL04 more desirable than LL01?

G30 540ix

I'd say yes. Same on B58 as on the OP's B48, because both are DI and turbo.
I even run LL-04 approved oil on my (non-DI) Cooper w/ N16 engine.
Currently M1 ESP 5W-30 after Ravenol REP 5W-30 (C3, LL-04, MB 229.51/52).
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