2015 Prius V gets new cow catcher

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Apr 8, 2006
Birmingham, AL
Wow, quite a snout on this thing...

It's probably the lighting but it looks like translucent red like you'd find on the front of a TV remote control.

Maybe they can send secret infared messages to each other?
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Another angry insect. I never thought I'd say this, but Pontiac Aztek is a thing of beauty in comparison.

LOL they were ahead of their time. Breaking bad sure did help them.
I honestly dont think it looks that bad...BUT rock chips are going to be very easy to spot on the black paint.
The front corners look funny, a square mounted on a rounded hood and fender. I agree it looks angry.

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Yikes, I sure hope it's functional in some technical way.

It is. You can now help keep the roads tidy by using your Toyota as a vacuum cleaner. Just remember to change the bag often to maintain efficiency!
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That black section makes it look like a small mouth bass!

More like a large mouth bass. Some kind of fish in general!
I have had a 2013 Prius v for two years. It is fuel efficient and trouble free. The best I can say about the styling is that it was inoffensive, at least for me.
I can't say that about the 2015. What were they thinking? One of the ugliest recent cars I can think of is the Nissan Juke. This thing far surpasses the Juke.
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