2015 Golf R - high performance engine oil

the running spec for oil is 100C but as oil gets hotter as it does it continues to thin, when running hard + fast a 30 can easily drop to a 20 or less, add DI fuel dilution + a 40 or even more is a smart move, as is a real synthetic PAO + or Ester oil. check out one of Savage Geese's great you tubes oil-the fine print
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Why? What makes it better? The Castrol he is using is a full synthetic and one of the top oils. https://www.castrol.com/de_de/germa...rol-edge/edge-produkte/edge-motorol.html
For a gasoline motor, I believe the Golf R VW spec is 502. That Castrol doesn't look like anything special. Castrol doesn't like to share all the specs on their oil; with so much competition, I find that a turn-off. Ravenol, on the other hand, perhaps more so than any other, does. Look up the HTHS, that is a better indicator of the oil viscosity and how it will work in your engine. Compare the flash/pour points as those are usually indicative as to the quality of the base stock the oil begins with. Then, for a turbocharged, DI motor, you want a low volatility or Noack. Consider Ravenol Racing oils which carry factory OE approvals. RUP 5w-40 and RSP 5w-30 both carry VW 502 approvals - if you find a better oil, let me know. https://www.ravenol.de/en/products/usage/d/Product/show/p/ravenol-rsp-sae-5w-30.html
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I went from the BMW 0w30 fuel efficient oil to Total 5w40 quartz 9000 and my little N20 turbo motor seems quieter and feels like the rpm's build quicker. I mainly switched for the higher HTHS. Being in socal, cold temps are not a considering factor for a 0 weight oil for me.
I had a good UOA with the BMW 0w-30 but I as well, switched to a 5w-40 soon after I took possession of my BMW F10 M5. Interesting that BMW says the LL-1 FE can have an HTHS as low as 3.0 but still us a 5w-40 in the high 3's.