2015 ford transit fram oil filter pictures

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Oct 9, 2004
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FYI-the engine SHOULD NOT be running when you reset the OLM-with the key off, depress the accelerator & brake pedal, hold them both down, turn the key to run (do NOT start it), your speedometer (or nav) display will show "oil reset in progress", hold the pedals until it shows "complete". Has nothing to do with your oil pressure issue.


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May 14, 2007
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Here's what the OP has given us so far ...

Harrymac said:
Changed oil last tuesday on my wifes 2015 ford transit connect (2.5) with 38,000 miles. I used a Fram Tough Guard filter. After oil was filled and started, oil light stayed on. I did a oil change reset several times which had no effect on oil light. I tried a cheaper oil filter & saved the bad one.I had my wife call the dealer in the morning and see about getting van towed to dealer. She ended up driving it there. The dealer says it needs a new motor now.
Then he posted some pics of the filter, but has not addressed specific questions.

- So he did an OFCI and experienced a "light" staying on (we have to presume he's referring to the oil pressure light because he doesn't say)
- But, he tried an "oil change reset several times which had no effect on oil light" (so he's trying to reset the OLM to make the oil pressure light go away?)
- then he changed the TG to a "cheap" oil filter, but doesn't state what the result of this action was
- wife called the dealer and was going to tow to dealer, but someone (wife or dealer) decided to have it driven to dealer
- dealer says new engine needed
- now the OP is essentially blaming the TG as being too restrictive, but the photos he's posted show zero evidence of anything bad inside. His direct statement: "Has a flow restriction, enough to make oil light come on", yet the picures indicate the BP is fine and there's no internal issues.

Here's what makes no sense to me:
1) it's unclear if the "light" he was trying to "reset" was the OLM or the oil pressure light; is he really that confused what those two lights are for?
2) if he changed to a "cheap" oil filter, and we accept his premise that the TG was bad and caused a restriction, did the new cheap filter make the "light" go away? If so, then why the trip to the dealer??? And if the cheap filter fixed the problem, why does the engine need replaced???
3) but if the engine does truly need replaced, that means the second filter didn't resolve the issue, so why blame the Fram? Clearly from the pix there's nothing wrong with the Fram. Where's the pics of the "cheap" oil filter for comparison?

To me, only one of two things makes sense ...
either the OP is REALLY bad at recalling facts and unintentionally makes misleading statements, or we're getting trolled.
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