2015 ford fusion titanium fwd

Oct 4, 2010
We just picked up a 2015 ford fusion titanium this past week. It was very well maintained. Had an initial trans fluid change at 36K, which I was glad to see. It just had an oil change right before I bought it with a complete inspection completed. I plan to do a short 3K oci and perform a UOA and switch over to full synthetic, I currently have a stash of RTG 5w-30. It's had motocraft synblend dealer changes since it was new. My only thing that I'm not a huge fan of due to price is that it has the optional 235/40r19 tires but I also picked up a full set of 17" fusion rims for $45/rim (with tpms) that I plan to outfit with 225/55r17 winter tires.
Edit: The color is bronze fire metallic. It looks really sharp on this model.

Any one have any experience with the 2013-2017 fusion with the single scroll 2.0 ecoboost? I'm hoping to average 25-26mpg mixed highway(50%)/interstate(20%)/city (30%).
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I had a tuned 2013 2.0l EB for 4 years, traded it in for our CR-V. Great powertrain combo, extremely reliable. I used Pennz Plat for the vast majority of oil changes and nary a problem. The problems I had were other things like mine had the headliner rattle due to wrong glue used but Ford wanted $1100 to fix it out of warranty and the problem when fueling it up, it would often stop short of a full tank of gas, another known problem with TSB, but again, it was out of warranty.
My first few tank fulls of gasoline so far. So far the fusion has exceeded my expectations for 75%highway/25%city. Its a really fun car to drive with the power on demand but still gets good gas mileage. Haven't notice much difference so far between 87e10 and 91e10, still a short sample size and haven't been doing a full scientific experiment. I stop at sams club on the way to work periodically, the premium there isn't too much more than 87e10 at the Kwik Star.

Gas StationFuelMiles GallonsMPG
Kwik Star North87E10369.913.1228.19359756
Sams Club91E10288.210.3127.95344326
Sams Club91E10429.514.5529.51890034
To follow-up on this thread. Really enjoying the car so far. Average mpg mixed city/hwy/interstate is around 26.5mpg (including remote starts). Overall its been a great car. Not a huge can of the 19" rims, pretty stiff ride but the 17" winter tires and rims deliver a much more pleasant and softer ride.

No complaints so far.

UOA is here: https://bobistheoilguy.com/forums/t...t-3-5k-oci-motorcraft-syn-blend-5w-30.348457/