2014 Toyota Tacoma Extended Drains

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Sep 18, 2010
I have a 2014 Toyota Tacoma double cab 4.0 4x4. I drive 100 miles a day back and forth to work. Want to extended drains. Trying to decide pennzoil ultra platinum or Mobile 1 EP. Weight is 5w30. Thought I seen someone on here put over 300k on a Tacoma with mobile 1. Me personally used pennzoil in everything. Was think about using a Boush distance plus oil filter. Let the arguing begin! And thanks for the help.
Either one of those brands U mentioned will do an awesome job protecting and keeping the inside of your motor virtually spotless as long as you follow the {as stated above} manufacturers recommended OCI. Once again--> I would not push the recommended OCI as long as you are under warranty. If you have a OLM? Follow It! It will extend your OCI by itself if most of your miles are Interstate and Highway.
All I can find is 5k in book. Light comes on at 5k. I am talking about after warranty. Not really worth using the high dollar stuff for 5k changes.
What % of city driving you do? 5k mile OCI might be right if your doing nothing but city driving. On the other hand if your doing 90% highway I don't see why you can't go 7.5k This is on the lower end tho.
Is the taco backspeccd to 5w20/0w20? If so id go with: M1EP 0w20 (if not the EP 5w30) with a fram ultra/or Trd filter. Or an M1 filtrr
With the Proper Maintenance! You can easily go to 300K miles on either of those oils. Just Don't NEGLECT that Air Filter! Alot of other things have to be maintained as well! Pour in either of those oils and focus on other Items! Do you have any idea how long you want your OCI to run? {Once your warranty runs out}? Highway miles are very easy on the motor and oil. Our Local WM is SO MUCH CHEAPER on oil then any of the auto parts stores it's ridiculous! I have always went with M1 due to WM can't ever decide what Flavor of Pennzoil they want to stock!
I would like to do 10k. I would think on highway that wouldn't be a problem. I change air filter usually every second oil change. I was leaning toward the Mobile 1 because is advertised as high mileage, but I guess they can say whatever they want.
In MY opinion--> 10K would be very easy with all your highway driving U will be doing. Use which ever one you can find cheaper and always available.
I would run M1EP 5w30 or save money and just M1 5w30 with a RP20-400 filter 7.5K first with a UOA to support a 10K run.
I'd run the M1 5w30 EP after the warranty is up. Prior to that, get your free changes at the dealer, then run Mobil Super 5w30 for the rest of the warranty. After warranty, go with M1...
I've got a 2002 Tacoma (3.4L V6) with almost 180K miles on it. I used Mobil 1 for the first 120K miles. Pennzoil Ultra for the next several changes, and then Pennzoil Platinum for the last few. I just went back to Mobil 1 a couple of weeks ago because my local Walmart was out of Pennzoil Platinum. My engine actually feels a little smoother on M1 so I may continue to stick with it. I've never used the EP version. I change the oil every 7500 miles which is about 6 months for me.
Any full synthetic current spec sn/gf5(with dexos mentioned) motor oil should have no problem with a 10k interval after break in. Keep an eye on oil level weekly and top off as needed. I recommend 2-3 <5k oil changes and factory fill removal at 1k. So, you'll be at 10k-15k when you start your 1st 10k run. If still a screw on filter, ph3600 oversized is an option if there is room. And, synthetic media filters are an option. You can UOA with TBN your 1st 10k run for peace of mind.
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