2013 Lexus LX570 Trans & Diff fluid change

Jul 14, 2020
South of Metro Atlanta
We bought this 2013 LX570 back around Thanksgiving, 109k miles and while the previous owner took the thing to the Lexus dealer religiously every 5k miles, there's zero evidence a differential nor transmission service was ever performed. Lexus' Owner's page/Dealer service descriptions are very vague, with "60,000 Recommended Service Performed" usually the description of what happened, while sometimes it's a whole list of checks and balances and oil/filter change.

Anyway, the more maintenance/service I do on this thing the more impressed I am with the build quality of the Land Cruisers/LX570's. It's what you SHOULD get with any vehicle made today but as far as I know, there's only two out there that are built with this quality.

I had changed the rear and center diffs last weekend and after getting a little stumped on the center diff/transfer case skid plate/protector cage, I quit for the day. But both had fairly clean fluid coming out, I wasn't concerned about either. Yesterday I got back on the project and drained and dropped the transmission pan and while the fluid wasn't cherry red, the pan's 4 magnets were in decent shape. Yes, there was some swarf on them but no serious build-up. The fluid didn't stink. Refilled with Amsoil OE fluid. I didn't change the filter or gasket, as I am going to do 2 more drain/fills and drop the pan again, then replace the filter and gasket in the next week. I did have to put almost 7 quarts of trans fluid in and drained out about 1/2 quart on the temperature check.

The front diff's fluid was pretty clear. This is the only diff plug that has a magnet and it had some swarf but nothing major.

I filled all the diffs with Ravenol's differential fluid. They sell a 'kit' for Toyota's 5.7L vehicles in the correct weights/GL ratings. You can't get 75W gear oil anywhere except the Toyota Dealer or Blauparts/Ravenol.

I recommend to everyone to get their transmission and differentials serviced as soon as you can, no matter the mileage/age/vehicle. Just think how much longer your vehicles' transmissions would last if you spent a little time and money on them before 100k miles....
Well....I meant you can't run down to Autozone and buy a few quarts of it. You're either buying +$30/quart Toyota fluid at the dealer or ordering it online.
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