2012 Ram work truck

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Nov 20, 2013
Eastern Wa.
2012 Ram single cab long bed 2 wheel drive work truck with the 4.7 and auto. Inquiring about the good and the bad. Has 85,000 miles in pretty good shape, asking $9,999. This would not be a daily driver, mostly just for hauling light loads. Thanks.
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Should be the updated 4.7 with 300HP. 545RFE trans. Good combo, should go 200k plus with regular maintenance. 85,000 is pretty good. I'd get a coolant flush done ASAP to ensure the proper HOAT coolant is in there (Zerex G05 is perfect), it seems like most engine issues can be attributed to overheating which is usually from running the wrong coolant and the damage that causes.
Good truck, decent engine...we put 180K on ours with no problems at all. Keep the fluids up to par, she'll be a good one !
I purchased a 2013 Hemi but I understand a lot of changes between it and 2012.

I know nothing about the 4.7 but if it is anything close to the hemi, then I'd say it is likely a great engine.

You'll have to Google 2012 &13's to find out the differences, but I heard and read they were significant, if that matters to you?
The 4.7L is a bit different engine, it has two banks of spark plugs, with different spec & maintenance cycle for each bank. I've never owned one but a friend had one he was happy with.

I have a 2012 5.7L Ram. In many ways I'm glad I got a 2012 as it has more things I'm familiar with (tradifitional PS system, both PS & AT use ATF+4, the MO-899 size oil filter is factory spec, antifreeze is G-05 HOAT, etc.).
Just an update on this truck (2 months later) it's still on their lot I offered $8500 they went down to $9000 and won't budge. The truck has some scratches, a couple of dings, and underneath its covered in dry mud for some reason. The interior is clean and paint is pretty good. No one wants a 2 wheel drive I think that's why its unsold.
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