2007 Nissan Frontier ATF Recommendations and Thoug

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Sep 19, 2008
I have a 2007 Nissan Frontier with the VQ40 V-6 and the auto trans. Currently have only 17,800 miles on the truck. It gets some long distance trips but in between, lots of short around the town type of driving. It is factory filled with Nissan matic J and calls for that as a replacement. I'd like the boards thoughts on the following:

1. When would you recommend the first trans service?
2. What type of service...flush or pan drop/filter? I plan to have thios done at the dealer, BTW.
3. Should I use Nissan Matic J or the new syn Nissan Matic S?
If you do not tow, I would do a pan drop every 30k. of course, if you switch to synthetic you can run it longer. sorry, I have no experience with the newer nissan fluid - only the older stuff. altho I thought nissan used an Aisin Warner transmission - if so, its probably a 3309 spec fluid.
Drain/refill every year so you are overdue. With that interval, you'll never need to flush or use any chemicals.

Pan drop at 100k to change filter, clean pan magnets, clean pan.....

Fluid choice is yours to make. J is obsolete. And, I haven't seen any proof that S is a synthetic. S actually stands for Shiznick at the Nissan dealer and Shazamm! at the Infiniti dealer.

Nissan for years has also recommended 'mineral' based lubricants.
Now they offer a $10 a quart "Ester" oil at the parts counter. This oil supposedly has nano-particles to react with the DLC coated engines. Monopoly anyone? How about a 4-ounce additive for ANY oil I choose to use? After a dozen new Nissans in the family over the past decade, we've abandoned them because of their shenanigans, as there are NONE in the family anymore!

If the above doesn't sound like snake oil, don't forget that Nissan also sells a transmission protectant for any Matic-D transmission that shudders or chirps during shifts. Lubegard or Smarblend anyone???

Everything is a snake oil until it is approved or used by any automaker.
If you'll just do a drain and refill every 25k that tranny will last a long time. The synthetic atfs are worth the extra money, IMO.

If this isn't one of the "lifetime" systems, it's as easy to do as an oil change. Amsoil, Redline, Schaeffers...they all make excellent replacement fluid for your truck. This is what I would use if I were me...

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