2007 F-350 6.0L-- 0W-30 ESSO XD-3 Extra 17,564 kms

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Feb 8, 2011
Swan River, MB
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I switched from CO-OP DMO SL 0W-40 because the 6.0L runs better on a 30 wt.

Oil performed just as good (or better) TBN is lower after the same amount of time using the ESSO oil.

Only difference with this sample is I got the engine really hot before I drained it to get the fuel dilution out as best I could as the last sample had 2.0% fuel.

John Deere oil scan (Edmonton Lab)

Hours on Unit: 1339
Hours on Oil: 272 Hours
Kilometers on oil: 17,564

Metals (ppm)
Iron (Fe) 31
Chromium (Cr) 1
Lead (Pb) 4
Copper (Cu) 4
Tin (Sn) Aluminium (Al) 5
Nickel (Ni) Silver (Ag) Titanium (Ti) Vanadium (V) Contaminants (ppm)
Silicon (Si) 8
Sodium (Na) 4
Potassium (K) Water (%) Coolant No
Fuel (%) Soot (%) 0.8
Additives (ppm)
Magnesium (Mg) 91
Calcium (Ca) 1670
Barium (Ba) 4
Phosphorus (P) 1359
Zinc (Zn) 1659
Molybdenum (Mo) 4
Boron (B) 51

Physical Tests
Viscosity (cSt 100C) 11.1

Physical / Chemical
Base Number (mgKOH/g) 6.6
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Iron is a little on the high side but everything else is very good IMO. Nice Run!

Looks great. I shouldn''t have said Iron on the high side. It is in line with your last run and is just normal for your engine it appears.
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Nice looking report, I generally have 150 hrs on a 7,500 mi. sample, so your iron is in line with other 6.0's
Very nice report. Fe is in line with what seems to be your use pattern. Everything else looks good. Especially for what is approximately 11k miles of use!

Another nice report showing a 30 grade does very well in a PSD, and I appreciate that because it flys in the face of those that believe "thicker is better".

Esso has nice products.
Why didn't they just require a 30 weight oil as the specified oil for the 6.0 instead of 15w40? Is it because it's hard to find a 30 weight diesel oil? I don't think 10w30 is all that hard to find in a diesel oil. Just not as common as 15w40
My grandpa used to say 30 wt oil was all you needed and that 40 weight was over kill.

So maybe he was correct to some degree.

There are a variety of diesel engine oils of 30 wt, but somehow the 15W40 sticks in people's heads as what should be used in diesel engines.

Having said that I won't be using 30 wt in our expensive farm equipment.
The 6.0 owners manual refers to 10w-30 as acceptable over 50f and preferred below 50f. The only misnomer is that towing they recommend 15w-40. I have been using 10w-30 year around for the last 3 years with great results. I do tow, not every day, but I do haul up to and including 4000# in the bed and take off down the highway at 70mph for 150 miles.
The 10w-30 I am using is not a syn either, there are several of my UOA's posted here.

What is posted above is correct, everyone has 15w-40 the only diesel oil available on the brain, when in many applications a 30 wt. will work just fine, if not better. My own 6.0 experience has shown that, at least in my driving conditions, 10w-30 should have been the preferred grade.
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