2002 ford escape v6 : oil leak

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Apr 30, 2003
austin, texas
Oil collecting on bottom of the pan (and bottom of some of the pan bolt heads). For an hour i tried to trace where it was coming from, but so far i have been unable to. I believe it to be a minor leak (no noticable oil level loss on the stick after a week of driving).

Have any of you tried those oil dye products that optionally come with glasses? Do they really work?

Does anyone know if this model year ford escape (with v6) has a history of oil pan gasket leaks?
oil pan gasket, extremely common on these vehicles. might be easier to jsut buy a new pan since its also common for the drain plug threads to strip on the pan side.
so just curious, why are leaks common on this vehicle? I heard from a mechanic that the gasket has been re-designed to eliminate this problem. this might just be true since some aftermarket gaskets have "improved" in their description. anyone know for sure?

also if the plug is leaking just a bit, couldn't I do like those quick lube places and spray paint or whatever it is to further reduce leakage?
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