2002 Cavalier; Motomaster Formula 1 dino; 8018 mi

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Sep 8, 2005
Got my second UOA report back today.

First UOA run was this one in May '08, after having some mechanical problems and running an extended OCI:


As you can see, not great results. As that post says, I changed that oil for Petro-Canada 'Maximum' 5W-30, which I ended up running 8096 miles, and NOT analyzing. In Nov. '08, I changed it out for this oil.

During both the PC run and this one, I used no additives in the gas or oil. I also added no top-up oil.

2002 Chevrolet Cavalier, 2.2 OHV
123,827 miles on unit (198123 km)

Motomaster Formula 1 dino 5W-30
Motomaster Formula 1 oil filter (Fram TG clone)
4.4 litre initial fill, no top-up oil, 0.8 liter consumption
8018 miles on oil (12,830 km)

Iron 20
Chrome 1
Moly 47
Alum. 3
Copper 3
Lead 8
Tin 1
Titanium 0
Nickle 0
Silver 0
Silicon 15
Sodium 17
Potassium 2
Zinc 656
Magnesium 15
Phos. 653
Barium 0

Soot 0
Sulf. 32
Oxid. 24
Nitrat. 16

100C visc - 9.01
TBN - 1.5

Anti-freeze, fuel, water all 0

Lab comments just said that nitration was high, and may be due to running interval too long.

My thoughts? I'm thrilled with these results, lot better than I thought they would be. This run was during the 'Ottawa bus strike' during the winter, so LOTS of idling and low-speed operation in freezing cold weather. Looks like I ran this oil just to the right point!

All comments are welcome!
Yes, looks good. Sheared down into a high w20 and getting down on TBN, so like you say, you timed it just right. Thanks for posting.
8000 miles on dino oil- you Sir, are a brave BITOGer

Here's a guy who pushed the limits with dino and many are afraid to run a synthetic to 8000 miles
Originally Posted By: wannafbody
8000 miles on dino oil- you Sir, are a brave BITOGer

you can say that again!,i can hear the sluge now....
Thanks. Like 'Critic', I'm now totally sold on the belief that modern SM dino can go 7500 miles w/o a problem, lke most manual want you to do.

BTW, for those that don't know, Canadian Tire oils are made by Shell. This 'Formula 1' oil is just re-labeled Formula Shell 5W-30.
7,000 mile OCI for you would be ideal. Now remember that we have seen vehicle/engine combos and driving conditions that have beat down the modern SM dino in less than 7500 miles. So kids don't try this at home without a UOA- OK.
Thanks for the UOA. The 2.2L Ecotech seems to be pretty easy on oil. But I'd have a hard time going over 5000 miles on dino myself...
Good results on an inexpensive dino, especially through our winters here in Ottawa. Don't push any further and your engine should last a good long time.

Me? It'll be a while before I push a dino that far... my brain won't accept the logic just yet. I have 8 jugs, and 80k km to go through with my current stash of PP so I have all kinds of time to convert my brain to sm-dino-love
I can barely get myself to push dino out the 8000km's. MILES???!!???

Good job though.

FYI, you're overfilling your sump if you truly have an OHV. 2000-2002 uses 4 quarts exactly, pre-'00 use 4.4L.
To clairfy a couple of point:

Nick - it's the '2200' OHV 4-cylinder engine, NOT an Ecotec. Last year for this engine.

Firemachine - yeah, I bought a 4.4 litre jug when it was on sale for $10. That overfills the engine by 0.4 litre. So, with the slight consumption the engine has, at change time it was just over the half-way point between 'full' and 'add 1 quart' on the dipstick.

Thanks for the comments!
wow . Takes a lot of hair on those ball bearings to go that stretch on a conventional oil . Nice to know this oil has umph . Use it in the lawnmowers . Can be had for less than $1.75 when on sale , this is the Formula SHELL . Use the Formula SHELL Full Synthetic for both YARIS . $4 a quart at BJs Wholesale . Never see the synthetic blend , http://www.shell.us/home/content/usa/pro...automotive.html , I'd buy it just for the bottle , nice color . ;- ) Like the color of the synthetic bottle as well . Thanks for the report and the gall . :- )
I think it all boils down to these engines are very easy on oil i have the same engine in my 2000 sunfire,the little 2.2(2200)SFI inline 4 banger will run on veggie oil i think.

mine has 183,xxx on uses no oil 30 MPG,,boy i guess me having M1 5w30EP and a UPF-52 O/F should be good for a wile.
I'm one of those guys that starts getting worried when I run Amsoil 0w30 (SSO) past 5,000 miles... This UOA is not bad for almost 10k on dino oil with that type of driving environment. I'd be happy with this! If you had asked me to guess what the iron would be before this UOA I'd have said 40+. 20 is still high but not horrible. Talk about getting your money's worth out of the oil! Seeing this will definitely help me go past 10,000 on my Amsoil. Thanks for posting the UOA.
Truthfully, I expected iron between 30-40, and lead between 20-30, given the service and my previous results. I was stunned when I saw how low the values actually were.

I was going to move to synthetic for next winter, to make cold starts easier. I might still do that, but after seeing these results on $10 sale dino, its hard to justify.
Agreed. Keep it up Addyguy, you'll convince us all eventually

I've got 7k km on my current fill of PP. Was going to hit 10k km (around 6200 miles) and change her out. Maybe 7500 miles (12k km) is the sweet spot for my application. I'm not looking to get every last drop of life out of each bottle, but I think 7500 miles would be around 80%, which works for me.
I agree. Personally, I wouldn't go less than 9-10k on a synthetic, but if you have a warranty, etc...no sense pushing it.

I'm not trying to prove anything or convince anyone. This is just when I get a chance to change my oil. It just happened to work out - I was expecting a lot worse.

I'm going to try to ease back a bit to 6-7k on dino, and only go further on synthetic. I'm planning on running synthetic this coming winter to facilitate winter starts.
PP5w30 worked well last winter in my forester. UOA came back excellent with severe winter conditions, short trips, idling, etc. At ~4k miles the tbn was 5-6, viscosity bang on and wear metals nice and low. I wouldn't have a problem running that oil 7-8k miles in our winters.
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