'15 Traverse P0300 -- step away?

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I looked into a '15 Traverse the other day -- need some more room than what I've got in my econobox.

It had a CEL on during the test drive. Got a quote for the car & my trade. The service shop diagnosed code P0300 and said they performed a software update per TSB that widens the parameters for a cold start. They guessed it threw a code during a recent cold snap. Service admitted that they don't have enough info to know whether it's something more serious like timing chain or coil packs.

Anyone have experience with a 3.6 DI vehicle throwing this, and only this code? I found a few other posts that mentioned P0300 together with other cylinder-specific codes, but nothing for only P0300, particularly for the '15 which I would guess should have had these issues sorted out. At this point it's difficult to motivate myself to move forward with this vehicle.

Thanks much.
Most likely injectors that are causing the code. You need to check live misfire data and check the misfire count for live/history for each cylinder. There is usually 1 or 2 that stand out above all others.
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C6H8O7, how many miles are no it?


P0300 = random misfire, 2 or more cylinders misfiring ( it is not going to tell you which cylinder is causing the misfires ).

Possible problem areas : 1) sparks, 2) fuel, 3) air

1) Bad spark , one or more bad coils, bad spark-plug(s), and believe it or not BAD BATTERY

2) Bad fuel filter, bad injector(s), failing fuel pump

3a) MAF sensor, clogged EGR valve, bad practically clogged EGR passage way

3b) Vacuum leak(s), engine coolant temperature sensor and or wiring for this sensor, ambient temperature sensor
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