'12 Fusion using Wix 51068 filter w/Magnefine adap

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Jul 14, 2009
SF Bay Area
I did my oil change on the 2012 Fusion 2.5L.
I bought a Magnefine oil filter particle catcher a few months ago and finally hit close to 10k on the MC 5w20.
The first report from blackstone recommended I goto 10k & see what happens. (I haven't posted the report yet).
Well I know i'm around 9800k. The wife put gas in the car and zapped out both odometer numbers. so I'm guessing about 9800k. close enough tho!

With the magnefine, I'm now able to use a larger filter element.. so orignally the Fusion had the Wix 51348. I was able to successfully put a Wix 51516 in place.
I wanted to put a larger filter in but YET be able to put the filter cover back on.
Well the end result is the Wix 51068. This filter is the same 3/4x16, primarily spec'd for the Jeep and Chryslers. the 51068 has the exact specs as the other 51348/51515/51516.
Well the filter cover fits. the cover protrudes a sneeze, probably a 1/4". But it's back in place. I was able to squeeze in maybe a 1/4qt of oil more than with the 51516.
Insignificant amount.. yes it is. BUT I put a larger filter on!
the Magnefine magnet fits perfectly in the oil filter space and gives the 1" needed to get away from the 2 curves that prevent a wider filter to be installed.
If I can't find a slimmed down 51068 equivalent, which I don't think I will, I'll probably go back to the 51348 so the cover will secure correctly and not protrude out.
If it didn't have the cover, I'd put the 51515 in and be done with it. that filter DOES fit, but there's no way the cover will fit unless I cut a hole and the filter will protrude out a little. I'm not ready to go that far.




I write down the actual odometer mileage at oil change time so the wiping out of a trip meter doesn't leave me guessing.

How many miles is that "Magnefine oil filter particle catcher" good for?
My wife never puts gas in my car, this was a little mishap on her part!

the Guy at Magnefine said it's been easily tested to 100k, although the packaging says 50k.

the blackstone report should say more.
The MagnaFilter is a slick idea, but I'd rather use a FilterMag on the side of the filter so I could see what was caught by the magnet after cutting the filter open. With the MagnaFilter you can't cut it open unless you want to destroy it.
Originally Posted By: boundarylayer
How is this better than a strong magnetic drain plug, or small magnetic dime-sized magnets inserted into your oil sump?

The oil is forced through this device while a drain plug or pan magnet can only attract what falls near it. Both are a good idea though.
EricF - looking forward to you posting the Blackstone reports.

On the MagnaFilter, how does one size fit all?

I'm surprised this seems to be the only recent post on BITOG mentioning Magnafilter

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