1.8t 0w40, plus a situation.

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whatever you do, don't trust ANY oil to 13000 miles shocked2 in a small hard driven engine even 10K is too long imho. Forget what the OM says. grin2 I prefer to be on the safe side and use PP but dump it at 6K +/- Also use M1 EP and dump it @7.5K
I wouldn't do 10K in a VW, but I've done it in the xB multiple times with M1 EP 5W30, confirmed good by UOA. Analysis is your friend if you're going to push oil changes for longer than recommended.
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The 40 weight may be a bit heavy for a happy vvt actuator imo. I would find a 502/505 5W30 and run that. I think VW recently changed the spec to 504/507 for most of its engines including the 1.8t.
VW504.00/507.00 is due to US gas going ULSG.