05W-30 VS 10W-30 in the southwest

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Jul 1, 2003
Marietta, GA
I would stick with the Chevron Supreme 10w-30. What a great oil for a great price at WalMart. 5w-30 dino seems to shear quickly and burnoff from my experiences in Hotlanta. 10w-30 dino oil is one of the most shear stable grade.
It's the same here in Houston TX, and I'll be putting 10W30 in the truck next week. Even though it was down to freezing last night, it'll be back into the 70s off and on this week. I even ran 10W40 for the longest time before 10W30 became so common [Big Grin]
Is there any real benefit of running 05W-30 vs 10W-30 oil in the southwest Texas desert -- rarely gets below 30 degrees F here -- 10w is easier to find than 05w in the local Wally world here -- now running Chevron Supreme after reading all the posts - 1996 Camry and 2003 Corolla. Thanks is advance.
Not open for further replies.