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    Wish Repair Shops Would Listen Better

    My manufacturer recommends checking oil when the engine is full hot, but has rested for 15 minutes. Same with the trans fluid levels after a full hot run at highway speeds for at least 20 miles then rested for 15 minutes. It will vary by manufacturer. Luckily mine isn't a model that requires...
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    Fake NGK plugs on Amazon

    Sometimes they have bucket sales too. Buy the bucket @ full price. But anything you can fit in it to overflowing can be at least 20% off. 👍
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    Any value in a used not good OEM water pump?

    Yup, scrap it for pennies on the pound. Selling your problems on e-bay is precisely why I personally never, ever even look sideways at e-bay.
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    Had to clean my sunroof drains today

    I find the string trimmer line trick and a very low air pressure blast to work stubborn lines free. Best preventative measure I found though? Just wash the car. No sun roof seals completely. The overspray of a good wash and rinse tends to keep them clear here where pollen is usually the...
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    Remove belt dressing?

    Any belt touched by any dressing compound is immediately junk, as others said. I just wash mine down to remove road grit periodically. If super noisy, yep; brake clean works a treat. If after two back to back brake clean shots do not work? Replace belt after heavy cleaning or brake cleaning the...
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    Take a guess on the problem

    Walk around the rig when it's full hot and key off. A leaking spider/poppet injector will make it reek of fuel just minutes after shutdown. Also as other keen minds noted, suspect a clogged inline filter. And/or check fuel pressure at key-on, engine off... and how fast (If you have a pressure...
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    Who has changed a fuel filter to fix a problem, successfully

    I had an older Vortec 4.6L Blazer 4WD I'd swap the inline filter on every 2 years. My current '03 SS Silverado has one too that's swapped on same schedule. First clue it is clogged up? Hesitation when lightly tipping into the throttle above 45mph when you have full TCC lockup. Or it hesitates...
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    2000 Ford Taurus Vulcan engine noise.

    Had a friend with a Focus 2.2L that made the same noise. It had a slow coolant leak that bled the surge tank dry, overheated the engine into reduced power mode but drove on to get the two blocks home. Coolant is also a lubricant for the pump impeller... it ate itself up. Flushing the rusty mud...
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    GM 2007 - forward 5.3 discussion

    Buy a GMT-800 GM truck and don't worry about a thing outside of regular maintenence. Squirt grease where needed. Plug in a new battery as needed. Drop and fill engine and transmission as needed. Fill it with quality fuel. Zero worries. ;>
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    Battery replacement: based on age or performance?

    Just did a pre-emptive battery replacement myself. Using a conditioner- charger, got 5 years out of it. Then mum one day leaves driver's door and trunk open. It killed the battery. I charged it back up, but it was sluggish on start and started showing a lower than normal charge state after...
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    Some oil prices are lower than several years ago

    I remember changing oil with my pop when I was much younger. We had a rusty but functional metal spout we'd use to pierce 1qt Quaker state cardboard containers with metal ends. Like big frozen oj containers. We've come a long way since. I just serviced the Impala with a Walmart purchased 12qt...
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    Ugliest car emblem.....

    From a quick but likely erroneous internet search: "The two smaller circles within the larger circle form the letter “T”. This represents “Toyota”, along with “trust” between the brand and the driver. The larger circle completes the look and symbolizes technological innovation and...
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    Ugliest car emblem.....

    Not bloody likely. But she has the painted claws of a honey badger ripping down through our front grilles now. 😏
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    How to remove this rusty diff fluid fill plug?

    Guilty. Get a look at the Youtube channel, "South Main Auto". The fellow that owns it is Eric O. - he works and lives in the north eastern rust belt. Typically a car is done at the end of it's 8th season of salt coated roads. I just watched him fail a car for repair and inspection after putting...
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    Battery blankets - and the insulation is made of?

    I find that installing one of these cuts down on the mice problems under the hood: