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    Water heaters

    i rent out a few houses too. i do all my own work, even the stuff you are suppose to get inspected like putting up a new fence, or building a shed in the back yard. i figure it's my property and i am not going to let anyone tell me what to do with it or how to do it. i also don't have any...
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    Panning for Gold

    i saw that show too. looks mighty interesting. i could totally see doing that once a year for a week as a vacation/hobby. gold is some awesome stuff. it's power has the ability to capture you're mind forever. up at my house, the back yard is littered with flakes pyrite, more commonly known as...
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    Water heaters

    that sucks that you have so many bureaucratic laws. down here in this parts of southern florida, i can change the hwh, change anything electrical, add a sprinkler system, bla bla without any permits or inspections.
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    Water heaters

    gary there are sprinkler plotting computer programmes available online for diyers. takes a lot of guesswork out of it.
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    Water heaters

    learn to solder pipes you're self. water heaters are ridiculously easy to install. i have installed quite a few of them. its basically 3 copper pipes, 2 power wires and 1 ground. people think of hwh and electricity and they think about being shocked or whatever. honestly the heater elements are...
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    Should we suspend manned spaceflight?

    manned space flight is our destiny. <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    Post Hole Diggers

    some years ago i bought a gas powered post hole auger with a 6 inch bit. man this has got to be one of the best tools invented. why break you're back with some piece of junk manual post hole digger and a digging bar? thats is for poor people in 3rd world country's. buy or rent a gas powered unit.
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    Tonight's Oil Change Total $$$

    free after rebate castrol tection 15w40. 1 cent after rebate purolator plus oil filter. change the oil once a year. thats 1/12th of a penny every month, or 1 penny a year for oil changes. i also did the PP make money after rebate, so when the tection is used up and i go to platnum, my yearly...
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    Who is the new Bob/Tony?

    im sure helen has thought about selling off the forum to someone else. thanks for not doing it. we all appreciate what you are doing for us and i am sure tony would approve. big thumbs up helen.
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    CO detectors

    co detectors are mainly for houses with fuel fired heaters and stoves right? actually never heard of them before.
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    increasing power of snowblower

    4 pieces of old car tyre sidewall, some 75 cent strapping, and a handful of 4-40 nuts and bolts. all for $30.
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    my beautiful wife

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    What impresses you and why?

    i am impressed that local tv stations manage to keep people watching them. i am impressed with the amount of power you can get out of a simple 2 stroke motor (nearly 1 horsepower per cc. without supercharging, turbo or nitrous) i am impressed with the planet earth series of programmes on...
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    Shout box?

    you know its funny even the most reserved people on this forum turn into little 15 year old snitches in the shout box. i have seen very highly respected members try over and over to defeat the censorship in the shout box. why won't they do this in the main forum? its as if the shout box is a...
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    WOW. Didn't know Australia was like this.

    yeah it would. correct me if i am wrong but i was under the impression that indians also governed themselves just as the "abo's" do. willingly state that i could be wrong though.