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    how to remove bug stains from clear coat?

    Buffalo Milke makes a product called Bug Melt which works on any organic style mess. It emulsifies bugs. Also have used it on my mower decks to remove the grass stains. It cleans that so easy and does not strip the shine.
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    DA lubricant company???

    This oil is to be used in new 2011 forklifts, LP Tier 4 engines.
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    DA lubricant company???

    It's only SL rated? Now that SN oils are coming could this be used in newer vehicles. I feel it can not be much of an oil at $1.17 a quart.
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    DA lubricant company???

    I work at a dealership for a forlift brand which is starting to market their own branded oil. It is from the DA Lubricant Co. Their 10w-30 is API CI-4, CH-4, CG-4 SL. It is to be used in their gas/LP, and diesel engine forklifts, construction equipment. Now the price, dealer cost $1.17 qt...
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    Take a survey on dexos

    Amsoil has announced their 5W-30 oil are GF-5, SN, and Dexos1 rated.
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    New Amsoil Synthetic 60wt Motorcycle Oil

    All marketing, it made the Amsoil motorcycle oil sales boom when they labeled it Motorcycle Oil. ie small engine oil, Scooter oil, ATV oil, marine, etc.
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    Schaeffers motorcycle test!

    Probably a dealer only thing. The # is Bottom Line SL-806-705-TX
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    Schaeffers motorcycle test!

    Who's trashing I see a question. Is this site owned by Schaeffers? I think they were comparing to the standard HD oil but it did not say.
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    Schaeffers motorcycle test!

    Has anyone seen the papers floating around from Schaeffers showing a comparison between engines using HD oil and theirs. They use a heat gun to measure heat coming off of each engine, real scientific. The test also fails to say if HD oil is synthetic like theirs.
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    Snowmobile bearing/bogey wheel grease?

    It's all that I use in my vintage sleds and Amsoil greases in everything I own.
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    Who uses Amsoil Saber at 100:1?

    Several years ago was at a AMSOIL meeting where they stated that the 100:1 was tested at 250:1 by the Soutwest Research Institute with no problems. This is also when they mentioned the test done with Stihl saw comparing Stihl at 50:1 vs AMSOIL 100:1. (this test was recently released)
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    Amsoil's cheapest Synthetic. Any good?

    Back to the price choice. You can drink Pepsi, Coke or buy generic cola for a fraction of the price. I like the good stuff, AMSOIL.
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    Evinrude/Amsoil oil

    I'm thinking the XD100 oil is used in the new e-tech engines. The HPI is a AMSOIL product.
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    Just FYI

    How many give you a month & half notice of future price increases. I think most would just spring it on you. I'm sure Amsoil sales are hit hard after Aug.1. I know I will be ordering heavy next month. If I remember correctly they even announced the decrease well ahead of the deadline.
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    Suggest an oil for my Impreza WRX

    Amsoil has a service bulletin on these engines from Subaru. The mileage has been cut in half due to plugging of the oil screen.