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    CV joint grease compatability

    Steve, Just did the inner joint on the driver's side on my 99.5 Jetta. Managed to get the cage in backwards on reassembly and had to pull the whole thing out again. As a result I lost some of the green grease that came with the new boot kit. Ended up mixing in some red synthetic stuff that my...
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    Is Amsoil's 5W40 Euro TBN overkill?

    Brian has picked the right grade for his vehicle. Even though it's not 'officially' on the list, the 5W-40 is within grade for the VW oil spec for that engine. I had to smile recently when I visited my local VW dealership and saw many empty quarts of 5W-40 'Belgian' Castrol in the trash bin...
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    please help me select a good oil for my new car.

    Si guy, You asked earlier about Honda recommending 5W-20 and I don't think anyone answered your question. The answer is very simple. About two years ago now, Honda switched to 5W-20 as kind of a 'corporate standard' oil grade. The reasons for that included trying to get the best fuel economy...
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    Supertech vs. Havoline for 2004 Acura TL

    NONE OF THE ABOVE....! Ummm, at least in reference to the oil....... Sure, go ahead and use the SuperTech, Puralator, Mobil filter, but spring for the extra .40 cents a quart and pick up the Motorcraft 5W-20 for the Acura. A buddy of mine (who is a mechanic) has his Type-S sitting in my...
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    brown tires

    Korry, The 'browning' effect you describe is called 'bloom' by the industry. As the tire dries, a component intended to keep the tire from dry-rotting reacts with the air by oxidation. That causes the phenomenon you see. I would bet that those that do see this occur may more often be people...
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    Used VW gear oil=YECH!

    p.s. I'll ask my friend about the factory fill in her new R32 tomorrow. I do know that our dealership uses the Belgian Castrol for warranty oil changes on the new cars.
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    Used VW gear oil=YECH!

    Hmmmmm, I didn't know M1 was the 'factory fill' for oil, although they're very public about the VAG certifications. I thought the factory fill, and all subsequent dealership fills, were Belgian Castrol Syntec 5W-40.
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    Auto trans fluid refill?

    Trinket, Since the torque converter in auto trannys hold so much fluid (several quarts), you may want to drain, fill with conventional fluid and then drain again to get most of the old stuff out first. Not sure what you want to accomplish by running the autorx here, but simply doing two flushes...
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    Is it Worth Doing a Use Oil Analysis on Tranny Fluid ?

    'Drinker', That plug is only unconventional if you've never driven a VW. You may want to check the size and thread on it the next time you have it out and then see if it cross references with the same plug on a VW 2.0L 5-speed. You may find that some VW enthusiast parts manufacturer makes a...
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    Used VW gear oil=YECH!

    Two things: 1) Has anyone run MT-90 as well as Mobil 1 to compare the two? and 2) Alan, are you positive that Porsche has been using the Mobil 1? Pentosin makes the fluid for VW trannies (I thought). Just curious as to why they would use that synthetic in VWs and the Mobil in Porsche. It...
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    Castrol GT LMA Brake Fluid

    Yep, been using for my brake rebuilds and line flushes for years. Good stand-by stuff, if you asked me. However, I have been tempted to try Motul's fluid too........ Cheers, Ashley
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    Any additive to make fluids electrically conductive?

    Sure!!!!!!! Just dump a bunch of NaCl(Salt) in there and you're GOLDEN!!!!! Uhhhhh, please don't take this seriously. It's just my 10th grade chemistry class coming back to me......... Cheers, Ashley
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    Used VW gear oil=YECH!

    Agreed, Bobert. VW spec is for a GL-4 fluid due to the brass synchros they use. To my knowledge, the factory stuff and Redline MT-90 are the only fluid that meet VW specs. Interestingly enough, I *thought* I saw a new Penzoil synthetic 75W-90 at WalMart the other night, but didn't pay a lot of...
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    A New GC Sighting & A Question...

    No, Audi, I think his comments were in regards to others not being able to find GC in the Atlanta area recently. Ulver may want to post the address of that particular AZ so that others there can find it. And, in direct answer to Ulver's question about an American-made GIII 0W-30, there isn't...
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    20000km oil change?...I wish I knew for sure..

    With the 2.0l, you may find that GC isn't necessary, although I do understand your urge to use it. I've been running Rotella T Synthetic 5W-40 for a while and my 2.0l loves it. Mine has a lot more miles than yours (144k) and seems to be getting a 'gentle' cleaning with the Rotella. One...