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    New Lucas UCL

    There is a newish product; UCL 'Extreme Cold Weather' fuel treatment - it's a little orangier than the others - is that what you saw? . . doc
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    wife left her gmail open on firefox

    Jeebers! You got off easy! So she dislikes some of the inlaws, and jokes about how stupid you can be - that is like "Level 1" on the open-ended "Email Things I Didn't Want To Find" scale!! Think of all the stuff that COULD have been in there...(aaargh!) She's not rhapsodizing to her friends...
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    Synthetic choices for my RX8

    I'm on my fourth year with my '8 as a daily driver, premixing since Day One. unDummy summed it up very well - as you see from the manual, you can just use 'whatever' in the engine. The real engine-saver is your pre-mix, the injection system on the RX-8 was calibrated way too conservatively...
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    Is more octane added at refinery,depot or station?

    All the replies are right, except that last one about % of "octane"..... There may actually be NO "octane" in your gas. Octane is a specific paraffin molecule that may be in gasoline, and has little to do with it's "Octane Number". The refinery blends the two grades, and the pump mixes...
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    truel fo false.

    Never use a filter that relies on the dirt it collects to do its "filtering"..... . . . doc
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    homemade pizza

    Yeah, the crust is the difference between a magnificent pizza and just cheese-on-toast! gonna share your crusty secrets? . . doc
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    Subaru Forester 2.5L Interference Engine?

    I was under the impression that none of the Subaru motors were interference, but according to the Gates Catalog, I am wrong - looks like yours would be one of them. <a href="" target="_blank">Gates Link....</a> . . doc
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    BIG Truck

    There are a lot around, we have 20+ <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/crazy.gif" alt="" />..... <a href="Mine....." target="_blank"></a> . . doc
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    P0100 code

    Don't just spray the bulb you see in the MAF, that's just a temperature varistor, shoot the spray up into the MAF body, the fine wires there are the actual sensor element. ....and NO q-tips! Ever. . . doc
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    5W-30 versus 5W-20 in Mazda RX 8

    I'm with the BusterMan - how do you come up with this theory that 5w20 is a cause of any engine failures? You are in the wrong forum to start bashing 5W20 oils - they have proven over and over to be excellent lubes, and to cool better than a 30 weight. Your claim that EVERY RX-8 owner is having...
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    Alkylate petrol for clean engines

    Sounds like a lot of hogwash - runs smoother, starts easier, ageless (!), no smell, no smoke, I think every refinery in the US has an "alky" unit, either sulphuric based or HF based - it's not magic, it's a part of every brand out there..... . . doc
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    Water in my Gas Tank..

    Wish you were right, Rob, but any significant water in a 10% blend will make a bad situation worse - the ethanol gloms onto the water and separates out. Now your pump is picking up 100% watery alcohol.....been there, T-shirt aquired. . . doc
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    windshield cleaners - what do you use ???

    <blockquote>Quote:<hr /> .......wonder if they buy used peptobismol <hr /></blockquote> I don't think "used" Pepto would clean very well! Think about it..... . . doc
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    You asked the wrrrooonnnnng person

    Last time I was in Canadian Tire, a couple of young guys parked their Fiat X19 in the next row, and the huge cloud of blue smoke lasted long after they had entered the store. As I headed to the checkout with my items, I passed them in the oil aisle, carrying a case each of that Nugold...
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    The Story With Additives - Rebuttal

    Your post would probably make more sense if it was in the thread where it all started.... As is, I can only ask "what test?" and "what device?" etc. . . doc