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    Altima Cop Car Not for 2021. Just the V6 AWD and V8 RWD is offered...
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    Altima Cop Car

    Might have also been that the ZF8 didn't work with the AWD system at the time. Looking at their 2021 offering it looks like they dropped the V8 AWD option. Its been long enough that I've forgotten the reason we were told.
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    Altima Cop Car

    The 5 speed was supposed to be a lot stronger as well.
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    Honda timing belts........

    Have you ever tried it on a Honda bolt?
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    Honda timing belts........

    Well, one thing I think we can safely say Cline, is that none of us have to worry about the crazy things falling off! When Deboss garage was shilling for the Milwaukee Fuel stuff, I sent him an email begging to find a couple of J Series cars to take the crank bolts off of. Never did it...
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    Altima Cop Car

    5 Speed and I can't remember if AWD was mandatory with that or an option. We've got a pile of 16's and 18's AWD V8's. They're not as fast as you'd think. My TL can keep up with one off the line. Don't know about top end though. Buy the time they get everything in them they are heavy pigs...
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    Altima Cop Car

    GSP has them around this area. They generally will only spin them up if we're doing a hard search for someone, not really for a chase, unless they already happen to be airborne and in the area.
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    HM Honda ATF Fluid

    The design, by the way it changes gears, can be harsh. One of the thoughts was that Z1/DW1 was 'invented' specifically to take the edge off of the shifts, since at the time (circa 2002/2003ish) Honda was working on moving their cars to be more 'upscale' and that required squishy smooth shifting...
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    Exposed sunlight and cold still oil is good to used

    I doubt sitting in the sun is going to do much more than degrade the plastic bottle slightly. The oil takes more abuse inside an engine. Use it.
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    Does this mechanic have a clue?

    FWIW. My 2003 Accord didn't get a valve adjustment until 200k. Most of the exhausts were tight. Not 'burn a valve' tight, but certainly on the very very low end of the spec. My 08 TL got done at..ohh lets say 150k (I don't have access to my records at this moment) and it probably would...
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    Altima Cop Car

    You'd think it would have cost more to put cages in those than the vehicle savings would be since it would have to be a custom job. I doubt any outfitters make an off the shelf cage for them. Unless those are supervisor cars without cages.
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    Hard starting when hot

    He could be dealing with a flakey fuel pump though. Just like a starter, they sometimes don't work properly when hot. Although you'd think the fuel pump would cool down fairly quickly since it's submerged in fuel. Just food for thought might be worth checking fuel pressure when cold and when...
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    Hard starting when hot

    That's what I was thinking. Weak/low/no fuel pressure.
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    What is Sound Screen? SoundScreen® acoustic windshields and doors are specifically engineered performance parts installed in nearly all Ford and Lincoln models – canceling noise surrounding your vehicle and improving your overall experience within...
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    2007 Accord 2.4L Valve Cover Photos - 45k miles of synthetic oil

    You're looking at VTECH cams. There's only one lobe for intake/exhaust, the third lobe is switched in and out by the ECM and takes over for the 'regular' intake lobe (or is it exhaust, I can't remember off the top of my head)