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    My boss gave me a 7.5% raise this year, what did you get this year ?

    All total, 14.5%. There's a merit raise in that, cost of living, and night shift differential. Of course, last year was only 1.5% and the year before that was less than that. So we were/are a little behind. They realized no one wants to do this job anymore at least and are half trying to...
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    2014 Honda Pilot 81k miles...wish me luck

    I'll repeat my advice here. Break that bolt loose several days before you plan on doing the job. I know you have the socket, and I know it has a good track record, but trust me on this. That bolt can ruin your day and all of a sudden you're out of time and having to do it some other day. Or...
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    Buying a new O2 sensor - Rockauto vs. Amazon

    Another vote for Rockauto. Feel much safer buying parts from them than from Amazon. Besides, Amazon gets enough of my money already, spread a little of it around.
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    Towing with a Maverick

    I'd think the AWD would do a decent enough job with that, although I haven't looked to see how much power that system will put to the rear of the truck. I'd imagine it would go 50/50 since its the same powertrain they're using in the Bronco Sports and AWD Escapes, but I won't swear to that number.
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    Towing with a Maverick

    Sorry, this isn't a long drawn-out review like I did for my Ranger, but thought at least one or two people would like to see a Maverick hooked up to a trailer. Mom stopped by Georgia on her way to PA (From AZ) and had the truck absolutely stacked full of stuff to the point where she barely had...
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    Insurance totaled car over catalytic converter theft

    Just me, but I would never even think to call my insurance company over a cat on a 20 year old car (Or really any car for that matter). This falls squarely into the 'fix it myself' category . Even if I had to pay someone to fix it. Unless there was massive damage to the car, insurance would...
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    Super-Tech 5W-30 shelves empty at local Walmart.

    The Havoline Lifelong 5W30 has been super spotty as well, but it seems like Walmart always has the 2-box "Case" of the High Mileage in stock, so I've just decided to use that across everything I've got. Put it in mom's Maverick the other day and the Ranger just got it as well. Just don't feel...
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    Trains spotted in Jasper Alberta in August 2021

    And it was done in 1909. I always find those 'old' massive engineering projects to be the most interesting. Thinking of just the raw determination and force it took to do them. We still do stuff like that today, but with all the computers and equipment it just seems 'easier'. --Edit-- I also...
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    Post your latest oil change

    2022 Maverick 2.0 EcoBoost (Mom's Car) First oil change, 4800 and some change on the clock. (Bought the truck and immediately left for AZ and back) OLM was reading 60% Out - Whatever Ford put in it at the factory, and a black and white FoMoCo filter. No glitter in the pan, nothing of note in...
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    Best ATF to use in Power Steering system.

    I switched over to the Lubegard Honda specific stuff in my cars. They make a non-Honda version. I would imagine it is a pretty good product. The 'Best'? No idea, but I trust them to build a good fluid.
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    What are you doing right now?

    Just talked a very aggravated customer down from destroying a sprinkler head in his room. Sometimes talking works, sometimes it doesn't. Tonight it worked, saving me the paperwork.
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    the Honda planetary system

    I actually thought it was fairly simple all things considered. Not that I want one in any way, but seems like as long as parts are available that rebuilding shouldn't be too bad.... The pump looks like they took a power steering pump and slapped it in the case.
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    Heat Pump Water Heater

    Another small update (I Guess). I got bored at work the other night and pulled the data from the unit so I could play around in Excel with it. Interesting to watch the efficiency increase with the unit in my now boiling hot garage. (See the 7 day average in June). Nothing else has changed...
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    Thread for photos that 100% do not violate any Terms Of Service, not political, not too lewd, no gas price pics etc.

    Our loveable tard Maizey. After the gigantic deal she made climbing the two steps up into the new travel trailer, she hopped up on the couch and just looked at me with a 'what? this is mine now' look. She's climbed steps before and is generally fearless, but the 2 aluminum steps up just...
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    Bucket list mowers

    I've always had a soft spot for the Honda HT3813. It might not have been a good mower, I don't know either way, but it was a 2 cylinder water cooled machine. I just found that to be cool. Like cutting grass with half a Civic shoved under the hood.