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    Which to keep?

    In the past I kept a couple of cars and an F-150 too long, and spent too much on repairs. Seems (for me at least) that once they get to high mileage and higher years, the repairs never stop. One thing after another, and I don't have the patience for that anymore. I have a couple older cars, but...
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    Too Full?

    If it were overfilled just a little, say to the N on the word NOT, after driving 200 miles in warm weather I wouldn't worry about it. But it looks quite overfilled to me. I would crack the drain plug and let it dribble some out, then check again after your next drive. I'm not a mechanic, but my...
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    Sketchy looking food

    I won’t try it ‘cause I don’t like it!
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    A relic I inherited...

    I used one too back in the day.. I haven’t seen it for decades, now I want to find the dang thing!
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    Yes I am so stupid.

    We're only human :) I'm sure that MD's have embarrassing moments too.
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    What are you listening to right now?

    From Midnight Special 1975..
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    You know you live in a redneck town when...

    The little Olds' transmission will soon put an end to that nonsense.
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    Breaking Up

    We seem to be losing real personal contact in our 'connected' society. Socializing happens on-line rather than face to face. It's easier, but doesn't have as much depth. The pandemic has accelerated this trend, but it was already well underway. IMO, ghosting is just another symptom of the trend...
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    0W-16 or 0W-20 for road trip?

    Let them pass.. a tire separation or blowout, or a wrong move by another driver would have deadly consequences at those speeds. Regarding the thread title, I'm in the 0w-20 camp.
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    Godzilla vs. Kong

    I used to love watching movies like this with the kids, the cheesier the better! My wife would find other things to do, like shop or visit her Mom, and the kids and I were off to the theatre. She might as well have gone with us, since afterwards the entire movie was recounted for her in great...
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    Honda Accord 7th Gen.

    I have an '07, purchased new and now has 85,000 kms. Mostly short tripped to wife's workplace, with a highway run a couple times a month. Good reliable car, only fluids, tires and one battery so far since new. We'll be keeping it for many more years.
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    Old cartoons

    As a kid, every Saturday morning for me!
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    Still On The Road

    There are quite a few old TDI Jettas in this area. I'm guessing the reason is great fuel economy, so they get repaired and stay on the road (?). Old Honda's too. Few to none old FWD Fords, GMs, or Chryslers.
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    Eye of the tiger song

    Always turn that one up a bit when the radio station plays it.. I was a young guy and in my prime when that song came out.
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    "1 hour of engine idle time is equivalent to 25 miles/40 km according to Ford." Popped up when I searched, not sure of source though. You would have to idle quite a bit to add up to many equivalent miles.