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#4526487 - 09/26/17 08:53 AM Why do salesmen think if you test drive a car, you
ford46guy Offline

Registered: 06/01/13
Posts: 427
Loc: Albany, NY
should buy it?

Ok, I test drove a Jeep Compass Limited 4x4. Wasn't thrilled with it, and many thumbs down here.

It is pretty loaded, stickered at around 31k (has lots of toys) and I got already 3 emails and some calls with offers for around 26-27 if I trade the explorer. I looked it up for fun and it seems like a decent deal.

I said I'm not interested, but I got a call today saying they can even do better with the price if I come in, his manager wants the 2017s gone ASAP. Then the salesman said I know you care about longevity and he said Chrysler is really turning around and their products get better and better.

Seems if you test drive a vehicle, there is almost an obligation to buy it. I didn't even ask, he approached me.

I'm not familiar with the new car sales process, I always bought used.
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#4526494 - 09/26/17 08:59 AM Re: Why do salesmen think if you test drive a car, you [Re: ford46guy]
CourierDriver Offline

Registered: 12/27/09
Posts: 4524
Loc: Tn.
There is old term used by salespeople most customers do not know....It's called

"Dehorsed". thats right de-horsing. They get you to take the new ride home and most of the time you are hooked...I use to sell ford trucks in the late 80s...
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#4526497 - 09/26/17 09:01 AM Re: Why do salesmen think if you test drive a car, you [Re: ford46guy]
old1 Offline

Registered: 01/04/11
Posts: 858
Loc: Columbus Nebraska
There is NO obligation, they are just typical salesman, and hound you and coming up with better deals is what they do. If you don't want it, or any other vehicle they have, just ignore them
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#4526499 - 09/26/17 09:03 AM Re: Why do salesmen think if you test drive a car, you [Re: ford46guy]
demarpaint Offline

Registered: 07/03/05
Posts: 28311
Loc: NY
What you're dealing with is an aggressive sales team, with an aggressive sales manager. I had a sales manager who had us keep contacting customers we dealt with until they basically told us to [censored]. You are dealing with that type of situation.

Tell him to stop contacting you, [censored], or you bought from someone else that gave you a better deal. Any of those will work. LOL My favorite is I got a better deal from someone else and bought from them. Then hang up.

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#4526500 - 09/26/17 09:06 AM Re: Why do salesmen think if you test drive a car, you [Re: ford46guy]
javacontour Offline

Registered: 06/26/03
Posts: 9893
Loc: Illinois
It's their job to sell.

They can't sell it if they don't convince you that you must buy the vehicle.

Always have a 2nd e-mail and google voice or some other largely unused number when shopping like this. SPAM addresses and phone numbers.

Much of car selling is creating a need and then making the case that they can solve the need. Just look at all the new car commercials. It's all about creating a need. Some examples are:

Sex Appeal

How many commercials actually tell you anything about the vehicle? Few if any. They are visions of the car doing burnouts, or taking your smoking hot wife to the symphony, or off roading to the camp site, or how people will react when they see you in it, or singing in traffic.

A few show the safety features. The vehicle stops for a man who steps in front of the car in traffic, or how a family was kept safe in an accident.

But for the most part, it's about how your life will be better if you have this car.

Create a need, make the case the car fills the need.
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#4526502 - 09/26/17 09:09 AM Re: Why do salesmen think if you test drive a car, you [Re: ford46guy]
exranger06 Offline

Registered: 01/25/08
Posts: 3680
Loc: Guilford, CT
The idea is that when you test drive the car, you're likely to fall in love with it. You'll see how much better/nicer it is than your current car, and you'll really want to buy it. The salesman knows you're much more likely to want it/buy it after you test drive it.
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#4526514 - 09/26/17 09:24 AM Re: Why do salesmen think if you test drive a car, you [Re: ford46guy]
LotI Offline

Registered: 01/01/13
Posts: 1099
Loc: America's Dairyland
Chrysler really turning things around? Funny!
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#4526517 - 09/26/17 09:27 AM Re: Why do salesmen think if you test drive a car, you [Re: LotI]
bioburner Offline

Registered: 09/19/16
Posts: 1418
Loc: Minnesota
Originally Posted By: LotI
Chrysler really turning things around? Funny!

Same thing could be said of a toilet

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#4526520 - 09/26/17 09:28 AM Re: Why do salesmen think if you test drive a car, you [Re: ford46guy]
Kuato Online   confused

Registered: 10/23/05
Posts: 6952
Loc: Colorado
Normal....they have to follow up, it's a requirement and a lost sale if they don't. The level of interest tells me the vehicle is a slow seller, they have incentives for 2017s, it's near the end of the sales cycle, or any combo thereof.
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#4526526 - 09/26/17 09:34 AM Re: Why do salesmen think if you test drive a car, you [Re: ford46guy]
EdwardC Offline

Registered: 11/14/13
Posts: 1514
Loc: Chicago, IL
That's funny, this reminds me of a post a few days back where a salesman wouldn't let someone test drive a vehicle if they weren't planning to buy it that day. I mean, how would he know he wanted the car without a test drive?

#4526529 - 09/26/17 09:36 AM Re: Why do salesmen think if you test drive a car, you [Re: ford46guy]
jeepman3071 Online   content

Registered: 04/15/10
Posts: 3478
Loc: Storrs, Connecticut
$31k for a Compass? Are they out of their minds?

This is why I buy used. You could get a slightly used Grand Cherokee Limited which is a much better vehicle for less than that.
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#4526533 - 09/26/17 09:38 AM Re: Why do salesmen think if you test drive a car, you [Re: ford46guy]
Leo99 Offline

Registered: 03/30/14
Posts: 2262
Loc: NJ
I've sent emails inquiring about cars and pricing to various dealerships. Some respond like normal people and some will send an email back asking if my email is correct. I ignore them. They will then proceed to email me for months asking if I'm still interested in the car. None of the 50 emails will ever answer my original question. I think they are computer generated emails.
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#4526538 - 09/26/17 09:43 AM Re: Why do salesmen think if you test drive a car, you [Re: ford46guy]
rfeir Offline

Registered: 07/13/11
Posts: 217
Loc: NY
I have owned many Chrysler Town & Country mini-vans. They have all been total [censored] (but fit the bill for my needs).
They have rusted out, transmissions have failed, drive shafts have cracked, power doors, hatches, body computers have all failed.
But my most recent is the first that actually has been reliable, a 2015 Touring L. It just works. Yes the paint is not all that durable, but at least everything still works. This is real progress.

#4526541 - 09/26/17 09:45 AM Re: Why do salesmen think if you test drive a car, you [Re: ford46guy]
maximus Offline

Registered: 01/24/08
Posts: 665
Loc: TX
About 10 years ago as a na´ve 22 year old kid, I test drove a new Altima coupe. This was at about 7:30 PM. After the test drive, the salesman said, "Let's go in and talk about the payments." I refused and left. The next day and every day after, the salesman called 2-3 times. It was extremely irritating. I ended up calling the dealership and threatened to call the police if they contacted me again. Never heard from them again after that.
2011 Sonata GLS.

#4526546 - 09/26/17 09:52 AM Re: Why do salesmen think if you test drive a car, you [Re: jeepman3071]
maximus Offline

Registered: 01/24/08
Posts: 665
Loc: TX
Originally Posted By: jeepman3071
$31k for a Compass? Are they out of their minds?


When I bought my Sonata, they had an Accent in the show room stickered at $30k. It had all kinds of dealer add ons; aftermarket wheels, extended warranty and such. I could only shake my head and feel sorry for the poor soul who would be tempted into buying that car.
2011 Sonata GLS.

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