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#4101356 - 05/19/16 08:38 PM Re: Heavy-duty combustion chamber cleaner [Re: TexasTea]
Gillsy Offline

Registered: 12/09/07
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Loc: Owego, New York
GM Top Engine Cleaner.
Many are the afflictions of a righteous man

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#4121615 - 06/11/16 07:00 PM Re: Heavy-duty combustion chamber cleaner [Re: TexasTea]
BigD1 Offline

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#4122774 - 06/13/16 08:46 AM Re: Heavy-duty combustion chamber cleaner [Re: TexasTea]
Vikas Offline

Registered: 07/22/05
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If you want something very safe to try, check out 3M DIY Intake System Cleaner. You can buy the can only or get the 3-step process.

I had success removing the carbon from the EGR intake path and managed to fix the P0401 code on my van.

The usage method is pretty much fool proof and takes abut 12-15 minute to complete. There is no risk of hydro locking.

Berryman Chemtool also has something similar where you can control the amount of cleaner being fed. It too has got good reviews and is dirt cheap on Amazon with free prime shipping. This chemical would be little bit different than the B12 liquid as this one will not flash as quickly as that.

#4123172 - 06/13/16 05:31 PM Re: Heavy-duty combustion chamber cleaner [Re: TexasTea]
TexasTea Offline

Registered: 09/06/13
Posts: 71
Loc: Texas
hey guys i just wanted to report back....a few weeks after i made this post i had a buddy around finally for a helper and decided to just try my luck.

my platform is a 2004 silverado v8 5.3l which had about 130-140,000 miles on it at the time. And being that GM decided to go fly by wire on these accelerators i REQUIRE the assistance of an extra hand in the cab to feather the throttle because i have zero control of it under the hood.

that being said, it would make a great case for an electronic tool to pin the throttle around 3,000RPM.

I wanted to go with seafoam since it is readily available. None was in stock at the parts store i visited, so i either had to wait another unknown amount of time for another extra set of hands, or settle. I went ahead and purchased a pint of berryman's b12 chemtool, which is not suggested according to the Chinese Water torture tek posted above.

All that said, after 1 bottle fed thru an intake vacuum line, i was COMPLETELY SURPRISED that the spark knock was 99% gone.

Simultaneously i installed a catch can so that no more oil is washed back into the intake thus mucking up the manifold (it was sticky as [censored] way i was getting it clean while i had it off if i wanted to finish the knock sensor job in the same day)

I wanted to do 1 more cleaning treatment continuing with b12 chemtool since i had such good success with it, but i havent had the need to do so, 6+ months later and im still knock free...even into our hotter summer months.

Carbon deposits had artificially increased the compression ratio in my engine thus causing the knock. So much knock that the sensors could not do their job no matter how new/old they were...just wasnt happening.

in the future, i would like to do as the gentleman above suggested and put 16 oz Kreen in the gas tank, had i known of this method previously i would've went this route as there's no sense in disconnecting vacuum lines if its not absolutely necessary.

So far i've had around 15,000 spark knock free miles, and the engine has never ran better nor has it ever revved higher. Now that the spark knock has vanished the engine actually likes to rev up into the upper ranges it never could reach...3,500...4,500...sometimes even 5000+ i am astounded how much difference 1 treatment made. it cleared up over 100,000 miles worth of carbon deposits enough to rid the spark knock entirely... im not saying my combustion chambers and intake are spotless...but whatever artificial compression ratio increase the carbon deposits had made...causing the spark knock...has been resolved.

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#4123176 - 06/13/16 05:41 PM Re: Heavy-duty combustion chamber cleaner [Re: TexasTea]
Ramblejam Offline

Registered: 11/05/13
Posts: 3151
Loc: Kentucky
Good job on fixing the problem!

Originally Posted By: TexasTea
in the future, i would like to do as the gentleman above suggested and put 16 oz Kreen in the gas tank, had i known of this method previously i would've went this route as there's no sense in disconnecting vacuum lines if its not absolutely necessary.

The 2nd reply of this thread:

Originally Posted By: Ramblejam

#4130300 - 06/20/16 09:46 PM Re: Heavy-duty combustion chamber cleaner [Re: TexasTea]
artificialist Offline

Registered: 09/23/07
Posts: 8440
Loc: Florida
I have one of these to rev up a DBW engine when nobody else is around:
It serves me well. I even use it on cable driven throttles because it is easier to do.
2010 Lancer Ralliart Sportback

#4278311 - 12/18/16 01:26 PM Re: Heavy-duty combustion chamber cleaner [Re: TexasTea]
MarcS Offline

Registered: 11/18/16
Posts: 183
Loc: PA
Berryman makes a b12 induction cleaner thaat comes with a vented hose, so instead of trying to slowly suck just the right amount throgh the brake booster, you just attach the fitting, start the engine, and let it do its thing. Not sure if it works better than anything else, but the packaging alone was worth it since my car has twin intakes each feeding a different cylinder bank. 2 cans, one in each PCV fitting

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