You can use the longer oil filters

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Nov 17, 2002
Mokena, IL
I've always used the longer than specified oil filters for more capacity. I haven't bottomed-out or scraped the oil filter yet. This was with the low riding C5 Corvette. No problems. I have a 02 Camaro Z28 now and I use the longer oil filter in that, too. Amsoil SDF32 to SDF64.
Todd, I've been checking on this for several weeks now. The SDF30 is the same as the 32 and 64 except it is longer than the 64 by 3/4". According to the information I have in my Amsoil application guide here are the measurements. SDF32=3.494" Long SDF64=4.094" Long SDF30=4.844" Long [ November 18, 2002, 03:49 PM: Message edited by: westex39 ]
I've always ran the longest filters I could get. With my 98 LS1 Firebird I ran the longer filters the whole time I had the car, both the M1-206 and the UPF58. My LT1 Firebird has run the PF35, PF1218 and Purolator L30040 on it, all longer than stock filters. Never a problem.
I agree - in fact I use the dual big momba's on the remote dual mount on my Volvo turbo. But the only caveat - and it sounds whacked but is true - On some L4's, with side of block mount filters - if you hang a big ol' giant filter it will set up some strange vibrations. [Razz] - now I didn't stick around to test the guy's motor mounts or if any long term damaged was caused...but changing back to OEM size knocked the vibration off.
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