Yokohama Geolander HTS & ATS experiences?

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Apr 8, 2006
Birmingham, AL
Any BITOGers running Yokohama Geolanders, in either HTS or ATS form?

I am getting new tires for my truck soon. The Wrangler Radials have gotten LOUD and wet traction is almost non-existent. They aren't at the wear bars yet, so I may run them a little longer, but the road noise is getting to me.

I can get a good discount on Yokohamas through work, so I will probably go that route. I have never run Yokohamas though, so BITOG experiences are appreciated.
I got Yoko Geo's on my truck now. Had them for a couple of years and have been great. Not noisy at all and have handled rain, ice, snow and long trips hauling a boat with no problems. The only thing I've noticed is that they are starting to dry crack. It is parked outside but under a cover with no sides so tires get hit with sunlight sometimes.
I've had a set of Yokahoma Geolander All Terrain on my 4X4 GMC Sierra for over 40,000 miles and they look like they'll go another 40K. Not noisey, wear even, great traction, long lasting. When these wear out I'll buy the same tire again. I highly recommend them.
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I did some research and put Geolander HT/S tires on the wife's RAV4. I thought they wore out kind of fast when I had to replace them about 3 years later. I checked the receipts and they had over 70k miles on them. Needless to say, they were replaced with another set of Geolanders.
I ran Yoko ATS tires on a 2005 Mountaineer, which replaced the OE BFG Rugged Trail T/A. They were a step down in my opinion in both wet and snow traction (although you won't care about snow). If you are set on Yokos, go with the HTS.
I can deal with them being a step down from BFG, as long as they are a couple steps above the Wrangler Radials, which I'm sure they will be.

I went with the ATS since they were only $5 more per tire than the HTS. UPS just brought them and they are a nice looking tire.

Hopefully tomorrow will be slow so I can get them put on and get an alignment done.
Got the Yokohamas put on yesterday...




So far first impressions are great. I can feel that the XL sidewalls on these are much stronger than the thin sidewalls on the Goodyear Wrangler Radials. The truck is much less "wallowy" with the Yokohamas. They also eliminated the road noise that was driving me nuts. Haven't had a chance to try them in the rain yet.

The Goodyear Wrangler Radials these are replacing did okay for the price, but after 20K miles, they got loud and traction in rain went from not very good to flat out bad. I got 30K out of the Radials, which is 10K longer than the OE Continentals lasted and on par with some Sears "Super Sport" tires it had at one time. It was worth it to go with a higher quality tire this time around though.
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