Yet another "quickie" horror story

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Dec 9, 2004
My boss is going on vacation and wanted the oil changed in his 05 Trailblazer,so off to Expressway he goes. [Duh!] He informs me that for 7 quarts of Castrol GTX start up and a M1 oil filter they charged him $78.00!!!! [Eek!] Now I know that M1 filters are 11 bucks or so and a bit of mark up would be in order BUT,they charged him 8 dollars a quart and the filter was only 12 bucks!!! For GTX start up,NOT !!! He paid the bill and is obviously not happy and is calling corporate headquarters today..He said I wish I could find someone to change my oil for me using the products I buy..Looks like we can add another to my fleet... [Big Grin]
What is he calling corporate about? Did he not ask what the cost would be before he allowed them to do the work? Maybe they got his bill mixed up with someone else? Or, did they charge him differently from what he was told originally? BTW, what products does he buy?
He didn't ask how much,just let them have at it... He's calling to complain about an eight dollar a quart oil,something that can be had for 2.50 or so anywhere else..That is one heck of a mark up..
He sure should call and complain. And tell them he won't be back unless they charge reasonable prices. He could be running Redline oil at those prices.
for 78 bucks, I could literally do oil changes for about 1/2 my vehicles intended life. I probably would have brandished a concelaed weapon if somene tried that kinda BS on me.
never, never, never will I pay to have someone change my oil-- never have and never will as long as I am able to do it myself! 3.75qts M1 $9.38-(-pep boys 6for3deal/$2.50qt-)- and $2.77 for one W-M MC FL400s filter == $12.15 Thats one 10,000mile oil change that when tested == Blackstone telling me to go 12,000+=miles next time!!!! Ok I did spend $30.00 extra for the sample test which totals up at $42.15- which I still feel is a DEAL!!!!!
Too bad he didn't get the windshield wipers and serpentine belt with that service. He would have called headquarters from the service bay after seeing THAT bill. [Big Grin] Steve
So what else is new. My Volvo dealer loves the Jiffy Lube down the street. Jiffy charges about $4 more than the dealer does for an oil change.
Originally posted by wavinwayne: Did your boss call Expressway corporate headquarters today? If so, what was their response?
Their response,GTX start up is a specialty oil and warrants a higher price,estimates and pricing are available and the consumer should research before making a decision. In a nutshell,"it is what it is" and he should have asked how much...
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