Mercedes EV Owner Charged for Oil Change at Stealership

I saved $250! Elon can pound sand!
I can tell you the MityVac works well on a Model 3. Not sure about that sweet Caddy? I'd give it a bash!
HPL, M1, SuperTech? Frankenbrew for the win! I can change oil on anything!
Not sure about the Benz but most electric cars have oil & a spin-on filter for the gearbox so not too much of a stretch.

Obviously for their own image the dealer is just going to publicly apologize, but the guy here sounds like a numbskull. Had to check after two years if he was driving an electric car, and just blindly pays a bill then makes a video about it? Alright 🤔

I was laughing reading that.
It was in my opinion a well written bit of comedy.
How many quarts does the flux capacitor take?

Anyway ... Matty happened to stumble on material for a TikTok video. I bet he caught the mistake right then and there, but was surely foaming at the mouth to get home and play the victim on social media, then sit back and 🍿.

Not a dummy @astro. Rather a product of our times... sadly.

PS: I can't stand TikTok and everything it represents, but most of all, its ownership.