Yet again Oil Rec for 98 Honda V6

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May 15, 2014
Hi guys, I love this forum and have been addicted to reading all the posts. After last week's oil change on my aunt's Honda Pilot, my other aunt wants me to change her Honda Accord's oil.

1. What kind of vehicle you have
1998 Honda Accord V6, 4sp Auto, with ~150k miles

2. What your owner's manual says -- not just viscosity, but certifications (look for acronyms like API SM, ILSAC GF-4, etc.) and change intervals as well
The manual recommends 5w30 but has been back spec for 5w20, API SL. Oil change interval of 7500 miles for normal and 3750miles for severe. She meets two of the criteria for severe; driving less than 5 miles/trip and primarily driving over 90F.

3. Where you live
Phoenix, AZ (low of 50s in the winter, highs of 120 in the summer)

4. How you drive (easy? hard? fast? slow?)
She drives very easy, scared to go on the freeway and takes the back road as much as possible. Max speed of 35mph on the weekdays.

5. What your daily drive is like (short trips? long trips? city? highway?)
She commutes to school almost everyday down the street; exactly 3.0 miles each way. Maybe on the weekend she will take her car to the grocery store which is about 6 miles in the opposite direction.

6. Whether your car has any known problems
I haven't heard any complaints other than the transmission, so it may be safe to assume the engine is functioning normally for its age.

7. Previous Oil
The car has been run on the cheapest 5w30 all of its life, and is maintained as cheap as possible, but I think it was changed every 3k. She has a bunch of oil change stickers on the windshield

The million dollar question, which oil should it run and what interval? I had these three in mind but looking for suggestions. Should I run a 5w30? I want to stick to Walmart, as it has the best value for oil. I'll probably use Honda OE oil filter as this month there is a coupon for $5 for the A01. Takes 4.6qts, so buying a 5qt jug is the easiest.
-M1 High Mileage 5w20
-Motorcraft Syn Blend 5w20
-PYB 5w30

The car has a "Maintenance Required" light that goes off every 7.5k; but it has never been reset. Should she go by the light given her driving style or change every 3.75k/3k?

Thanks for the community's help. I appreciate it
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If my mom or aunt only drove 3 miles up to 35 mph, I'd use PYB 5W-30 and do 3K OCI. By then, the oil is probably loaded with fuel from not getting the chance to get hot. 3K or 6 months.
Honda specify a 30 (10W, but that's immaterial) for the V-6 in their outboards when essentially the same engine for road use is a 20.

PYB 5W30 will do you fine.
With only a 3k interval, using the least expensive dino seems to be a good idea. ST is usually.less expensive then anything else on the shelf.
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