Yellow Jacket Nest

The most effective way Bayer insecticide dust and and optimally with a bulb squeeze to shoot the dust into hole. You don't need a lot however they will enter and exit their nest becoming white and contaminate themselves and innards of their nest.


The active ingredient is what they use in smaller amounts on flea collars I believe.
As mentioned earlier, gasoline down the hole will kill them. Real paint thinner (body shop style) will kill them. Dark thirty. Dump it and run.
I had yellow jackets living under the edge of the driveway. Sprayed it with wasp spray, tried the gasoline, but they always seemed to keep reappearing. Finally wadded some fine steel wool into the hole, never saw them again.
Every year these guys come back to the same spot near the house it seems. I was pulling weeds today and a few seconds later they came out.

What do I pour down the hole to get rid of them?

Do I have to go out there and dig the ground up afterwards and do something so they do not come back?

The reason I started this thread is that I am not as fast as I used to be back in the day, also I just do not feel like running.
Last time I had ground yellow jackets I mixed up a 5 gallon bucket with water and some spectricide general outdoor insect killer. I used about double the recommended ratio. Waited until night and then poured the whole thing as quickly as I could down the hole and got out of there fast. Next morning nothing except a lot of dead yellow jackets.